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Special offers | White wines 20-30 euros

Special offers | White wines 20-30 euros

In this section you will find constantly updated offers for various white wines in the price range from 20 to 30 euros. Trade means change and our stock is constantly in motion, resulting in special prices for various wines that do not have to be drunk immediately, but consume valuable space in our warehouse. Vintage changes, remaining quantities or discontinued models, all reasons why you will find one here on offer. Maybe there is one or the other bargain? - Gerardo

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´Sanct Valentin´ Chardonnay DOC 2019, St. Michael-Eppan, Südtirol

Sanct Valentin Chardonnay DOC 2019

St. Michael-Eppan, South Tyrol

The grapes of Cru Chardonnay St. Valentin come from the best vineyards near Eppan Berg: The color in the glass is a striking straw yellow with a subtle greenish tinge. The bouquet is complex and reminiscent of exotic fruits, underlined by subtle smoky aromas. Powerful yet elegant on the palate, with well-integrated acidity. - Gerardo

Luminous straw yellow. Multi-layered nose, showing notes of caramel and smoke, then ripe baby pineapple, also peach, some sage. Very present, opens on light feet, still very young, nice play between ripe fruit and wood, delicate caramel notes on the finish, a long runner. - Falstaff

   0,75-L 14 % Vol.  contains Sulfites  plus ShippingPrice incl. VAT in stock

 € 23,50 € 22,90 30,53 €/L

´Pratum´ Terlaner Weißburgunder DOC 2013, Castel Sallegg, Südtirol

Pratum Terlaner Weißburgunder DOC 2013

Castel Sallegg, South Tyrol

The grapes for the Terlan Pinot Blanc 'Pratum' come from the oldest vines of the Prey site, whose name derives from the Latin pratum. They thrive there at 550 meters above sea level on porphyry gravel and Grödner sandstone. Two thirds are aged for 9 months in stainless steel barrels while the remaining third is aged for the same time in French tonneaux barrels. The color of the wine is a pale straw yellow with greenish reflections. On the nose there are aromas of peach, exotic fruits and vanilla. On the palate, this Pinot Blanc presents minerality with balanced acidity and a long finish. - Gerardo

'Sparkling straw yellow with light gray nuances. Clearly marked nose with nicely ripened fruit, of fresh crisp apple, nectarines and walnuts. Blooms nicely on the palate, polished, lots of clear fruit, saline, builds nicely, slightly ripe notes on the finish.' - Falstaff

'There is a lot of great Pinot Bianco coming out of Alto Adige these days. The 2013 Alto Adige Pinot Bianco Pratum is one of those great finds from Northern Italy. This is a steady and true wine that offers variety-specific tones of pear, Golden Delicious apple, pine nut and honey. The intensity is not obvious, but it creeps up on you slowly as the bouquet evolves in the glass. In the mouth, Pratum is well textured, bright and crisp.' - Robert Parker

   0,75-L 13,5 % Vol.  contains Sulfites  plus ShippingPrice incl. VAT in stock

 € 27,50 € 24,90 33,20 €/L

´La Vila´ Friulano Isonzo del Friuli DOC 2016, Lis Neris, Friaul

La Vila Friulano Isonzo del Friuli DOC 2016

Lis Neris, Friuli

Pure varietal Friulano from estate vineyards on the right bank of the Isonzo River. 'La Vila' is based on the idea of focusing on two elements: The terroir and the grape variety. The wine does not require barrel aging or oenological tricks, which brings out its natural aroma to the fullest. This interesting white wine has an extensive fruit bouquet of white flowers and bright fruits. Fresh, powerful and persistent on the palate. Lively, storable white wine of the highest quality.

The 'Vini Selezioni' come from the in-house cru vineyards Gris and Picol, with the vines having a minimum age of 10 years (average 25 years). The harvest is done exclusively by hand, the aging only in small part in large wooden barrels - the rest in stainless steel. then the wines mature for ten months on the fine lees and are bottled only eleven months after the harvest. Alvaro Pecorari's creations from single vineyards are among the top wines of Friuli. - Gerardo

   0,75-L 13 % Vol.  contains Sulfites  plus ShippingPrice incl. VAT in stock

 € 21,90 € 19,90 26,53 €/L

´Flora´ Weißburgunder Riserva DOC 2017, Kellerei Girlan, Südtirol
Flora Weißburgunder Riserva DOC 2017

Kellerei Girlan, South Tyrol

Pinot Blanc is the most common white grape variety in Girlan. This wine is characterized by its elegant Burgundy aromas of pineapple and ripe fruit. Fine acidity, density, power and juiciness give this wine a very nice drinking pleasure and promise exceptional longevity. Ideal as a food companion. - Gerardo

   0,75-L 14 % Vol.  contains Sulfites  plus ShippingPrice incl. VAT Stock 4

 € 21,50 € 19,90 26,53 €/L

´Flora´ Cuvee Bianco Riserva DOC 2017, Kellerei Girlan, Südtirol
Flora Cuvee Bianco Riserva DOC 2017

Kellerei Girlan, South Tyrol

The best Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Sauvignon grapes are selected for the Cuvee Flora Bianco Riserva. This wine expresses its personality with intense, clean and fresh aromas. The structure is excellent and the finish on the palate is particularly spicy and mineral. - Gerardo

   0,75-L 14 % Vol.  contains Sulfites  plus ShippingPrice incl. VAT Stock 6

 € 21,50 € 19,90 26,53 €/L