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The Insolia white wine variety is grown mainly in Sicily, but it is also present in Tuscany and on the island of Elba, although here it is better known as Ansonica. Other synonyms are Inzolia, Inselida and Soria. The grape variety has a nutty aroma, but also delicate fruity aroma, and produces a straw yellow pale white wine. It is used, among other things, for the popular dessert wine Marsala, but is also used in numerous dry wines.

The wine of the Insolia grape is also often used as a base for vermouth. In addition, the grapes are also eaten as table grapes in the growing region. However, since they would not survive long transportation routes, this use is limited to local use. In small quantities, the Insolia grape variety is also grown in Tunisia, where it is processed into raisins. It is therefore a very versatile fruit.

In Sicily, the Insolia grape is grown mainly in the west. It is considered the oldest white wine variety on the island and copes well with the drought and heat there. It is believed that it has been growing there as an autochthonous, i.e. indigenous, variety of wine since ancient times. However, it was first mentioned in a document by the botanist Francesco Cupani in 1696. - Gerardo

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