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The Kerner grape variety: a combination of tradition and taste sensation
The Kerner grape variety is becoming more and more popular among wine lovers all over the world. It is a cross between the Trollinger and Riesling varieties and was bred in Germany in 1929 by August Herold. It is named after the poet Justinus Kerner, who was famous for his wine songs in the 19th century. The Kerner grape is characterized by its pronounced acidity and intense aroma, reminiscent of exotic fruits such as mango and pineapple. These flavor characteristics make it an exciting grape variety for winemakers and wine connoisseurs.

Growing regions worldwide
The Kerner grape variety has spread worldwide and is successfully cultivated in various countries. Especially in Germany, its country of origin, there are numerous cultivation areas, such as in Baden-Württemberg, Rheinhessen and the Palatinate. Here you can find a large number of wineries specializing in the production of Kerner wines. However, Kerner growing areas can also be found outside Germany, for example in Austria, Switzerland, the USA, Canada and Australia. This illustrates the international importance of this grape variety and its continuing success.

Cultivation area Italy: The province of South Tyrol
In Italy, the Kerner grape variety has become particularly important in the province of South Tyrol. South Tyrol, also known as Trentino Alto Adige, is located in the northern part of the country and is known for its alpine climate and impressive mountain landscape. The region offers ideal conditions for growing high-quality grapes, including the Kerner grape.

South Tyrolean Kerner wines are characterized by their fresh acidity, fruity aroma and pleasant minerality. The cool temperatures and sunny days in the mountains allow the grapes to ripen slowly and evenly, resulting in excellent flavor development. Winegrowers in South Tyrol are proud of their Kerner wines, which are available both as varietal wines and in cuvees with other grape varieties.

Particularly popular are the Vinschgau Valley and the Eisack Valley in South Tyrol, which are considered the new home of the Kerner. Here, the grape variety has been successfully cultivated for many years and has gained an excellent reputation. The wines from these high altitudes are characterized by an elegant balance between freshness and fullness and are highly sought after by wine lovers all over the world.

In summary, the Kerner grape variety is a true delight for wine lovers looking for a taste experience beyond the usual grape varieties and wine styles. Kerner from South Tyrol remains a niche yet to be discovered. - Gerardo [TS06/23]

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SynonymsKerner Bijeli, Herold Triumph, Herold weiß, Trollinger, Weißer Herold, Weinberg S 25-30