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Blog: St. Michael-Eppan


"One could write entire books about the Sankt Michael-Eppan Winery. Just as about its historic cellar master Hans Terzer, a true monument of the South Tyrolean wine landscape. But in the end it's the products that are decisive, and they have now reached a level at which only a few can compete, including a few Nobe labels, in view of which not only our jurors get shiny eyes." - Gambero Rosso

St. Michael Eppan, the innovative winery on the South Tyrolean Wine Route, is not only one of the best wineries in South Tyrol, but also one of the leaders in all of Italy. With 350 members, 355 hectares under cultivation and 2.5 million bottles sold each year, St. Michael-Eppan has built a name for itself that is now the talk of the town. The label 'St. Valentin' alone is enough to make the heart of any wine lover and connoisseur beat faster. From the long list of awards, only one in particular should be mentioned: the wine guide 'I Vini d'Italia' by Gambero Rosso and Slow Food has named St. Michael-Eppan Italy-wide 'cantina dell' anno 2000', the best 'winery of the year 2000'. Cellarmaster Hans Terzer - one of the best-known pioneers in South Tyrolean white wines - was named one of the world's ten best winemakers in this context.

The history
Tradition and experience characterize the 98-year history of the St. Michael-Eppan Winery. Founded in June 1907, in an economically difficult period, the cooperative was committed from the very beginning to promoting quality production in viticulture and to ensuring an adequate income for winegrowers. In 1909, the winery building was completed in the classic Art Nouveau style. The plans and the construction method of that time show with what far-sighted cellar-technical guidelines already at that time was built. The whole construction is still in full function today. After the traditional wooden barrels, the first glass barrel was added to the cellar in 1933. In 1959 the first reinforced concrete cisterns were installed and from 1970 the first steel tanks were purchased. In 1975 the new storage and bottling hall with adjoining sales store was built and in 1980 the new fermentation cellar was added. In these years also the first barriques, which today are indispensable, were added to the cellars. A piece with an eventful history with many ups and downs.

The winery
Over the decades, the winery has been constantly expanded, modernized and adapted to the latest requirements. The major and far-reaching renovation of the last few years represents, for the time being, the last high point in the building history of the winery. Old and new, tradition and modernity form an extremely harmonious and functional symbiosis in St. Michael-Eppan. In addition to the traditional wooden barrels from the founding period, the latest cellar technology guarantees the highest quality. Administration and representation rooms are newly and attractively designed. The new wine store in the Mediterranean-style entrance area of the winery invites visitors to taste and get to know the wines of St. Michael-Eppan. Since its beginnings, the winery has always had a clear goal and an important leitmotif in mind: it wants to do more than just 'make wines'. The ambition of the St. Michael-Eppan Winery is to be among the best producers in Süditorl. This is a high ambition and not an easy path. The people of Eppan take it with all consistency - and with great success. - Gerardo [TS06/22]

St. Michael-Eppan
NameSt. Michael-Eppan
Founding Year1907
OwnerCooperative property
OenologistHans Terzer
Annual Production2.500.000
Vineyard Area (Hectare)350
Additional Purchaseno

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