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Centenario Lange Toskanische Spaghetti

Pastificio Chelucci, Tuscany

´Centenario´ Lange Toskanische Spaghetti, Pastificio Chelucci, Tuscany
This artisan spaghetti is an anniversary edition celebrating 100 years of Pasta Chelucci in Tuscany:

In the 1950s, the Chelucci company delivered its spaghetti to women the surrounding villages of Tuscany. By hand, the long spaghetti were rolled by the women in the wrapping paper, as is the case with today's anniversary edition. A work effort that no longer fits so well into today's time, but for a small pasta manufactory still feasible today. The appearance suggests that the effort is given to a very special pasta, as we do not know it today. The intense color from the Tuscan wheat used, the aroma of freshly cooked spaghetti after the grain used, open the sensual taste round, which is enhanced by the bite.

Chelucci produces pasta since 1912 following old Italian tradition. The pasta is made from selected durum wheat semolina according to careful, artisan methods and dried in a slow process at low temperatures. This process is particularly gentle and helps to preserve the taste as well as the nutritional value. - Gerardo´

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´Centenario´ Lange Toskanische Spaghetti

Content information
Product name´Centenario´ Lange Toskanische Spaghetti, Pastificio Chelucci, Tuscany
Origin Tuscany / Pistoia
ProducerPasta Chelucci, Via Valente 7, I-51100 Piteccio (Pistoia)
ZutatenItalienischer Hartweizengrieß, Wasser
Für DiabetikerNein
Enthält MilcherzeugnisseNein
Enthält EiNein
Enthält GEN-WeizenNein
Kochzeit12 Minuten
LagerungKühl, trocken und luftdurchlässig lagern
Haltbarkeit30 Monate
Allergiehinweisenthält Gluten.
Product typeDeliciacies/Sour
Contents1,00-Kg Package
Item number7159627650

Additional Info
Brennwert352 kcal / 1468 Kj

NamePastificio Chelucci

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