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Distilleria Quaglia | Piedmont

Distilleria Quaglia | Piedmont

The distillery Quaglia was founded in 1890, under the sun of Castelnuovo Don Bosco, an area with a deep-rooted winemaking tradition between Turin and Monferrato. These roots contain an invaluable heritage of recipes, secrets and precious knowledge that has been passed down for four generations, defying the passage of time without losing its value.

The production of grappa in the early years was soon joined by that of high quality liqueurs and spirits: the history and future of Quaglia. Carlo Quaglia works in symbiosis with the land, respecting its raw materials, and protecting the rules that preserve it.

At Quaglia they believe in the history of each distillate. Written by the territory and raw materials, by time and space. Carlo Quaglia believes that the art of the distiller is to tell through the search for the perfect combination of flavors and sensations. - Gerardo

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