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About us

The Italian wine depot was founded in 1978, company name, logo as well as the name Gerardo have been used exclusively by us since then and are subject to protection according to § 2 Abs. 1 UrheberG and § 12 BGB. Our domain www.gerardo.de has been continuously present on the net since January 2001.

Our texts, tasting notes and blog entries including their graphic design were created by Gerhard and Tobias Strunz and are subject to their sole use. In the case of quotations from trade magazines, we invoke the right of quotation (with reference to the source). In the case of quotations from personalities from the wine industry, we have also received kind permission (e.g. from Dr. Jens Priewe). In addition, some text passages were made available to us with the kind permission of our producers (e.g. Tenuta dell Ornellaia).

Logo & Graphic Elements
Our logo as well as all graphic elements were designed by Tobias Strunz and are subject to his sole copyright. Some of the pictograms used are from the freely available open source library Font Awesome.

Product photos
All product photos (such as bottle photos) were either created by us (Felix Baab Unternehmensfotografie) and the image rights are with us, or were provided to us by our producers.

Decorative photos
All decoration photos (like category teasers or image tiles) were provided to us by our producers or are taken from a free image database (like Pexels).

The program code of our website (gerardo.de) is an original creation of Tobias Strunz and his intellectual property.

Last updated: 06.08.2021