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First Help & Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about gerardo.de. Click on one of the headings to learn more about this topic.


Stock - Are all displayed products immediately available?

Our wines are available from stock: we operate a climate-controlled wine warehouse in Hugfling, Upper Bavaria, Germany. All products offered in the online store are in stock in sufficient quantities or with an exact stock level. The goods are stored year-round air-conditioned, vibration-free and protected from sunlight.

We can never completely exclude inconsistencies concerning the stock, however: In less than 1% of all orders there are discrepancies in stock or a vintage change. You will then be informed immediately by us via eMail in advance and we will proceed only if you agree.

Vintages - are the displayed vintages correct?

All vintages displayed in the online store are correct and you will receive only the exact vintages you ordered.

We can never completely exclude inconsistencies concerning the stock: In less than 1% of all orders there are discrepancies in stock or a vintage change. You will then be informed immediately by us via eMail in advance and we will proceed only if you agree.

Payment methods - Convenient and secure payment

We offer a manageable number, reliable, simple and secure payment methods. These can be found on the Payment Methods page (see also PAYMENT METHODS in the footer at the very bottom of each page). Whether you choose prepayment, PayPal, SEPA direct debit or purchase on account, your order will be processed immediately after a check.

Privacy & Security

A strict security code guarantees our customers the greatest possible protection when shopping online and complies with the European Data Protection Regulation (DS-GVO) and German data protection law. Our website is fully SSL secured (True Business ID). Data transmission is encrypted to our registered and validated company. We use only one functional cookie, do not integrate any third-party program code and never share your personal data (only for the purpose of order processing). All input forms as well as form data are tamper-proof. Shopping carts are securely managed on the server side. We also store only a minimum of personal data.


Order - Can I order also by phone or eMail?

gerardo.de is an online store which is maintained with great attention to detail on a daily basis. Therefore it is in accordance with our workflow if you place your order via our online store. Thereby as few personal data as possible and as many as necessary are seized.

Orders by telephone or email are error-prone, have a longer processing time and cause misunderstandings with selection of the products and/or ship-to-address.

Of course we are to you within our opening times for inquiries by email or telephone at the disposal.

I miss my confirmation eMail!

Please check the spam folder of your eMail mailbox. Confirmation and invoice emails are sometimes sorted into the spam mailbox. You can prevent this by adding our eMail address or website to the list of trusted sites or by creating an address book entry from us. In rare cases, the delivery of the confirmation email is delayed by a few hours, but your order is still safely received.


Order - How do I order from gerardo.de?

You can easily navigate through our online offer by using the search function to search for specific wines or terms. In addition, you can use the navigation menu on the left to immediately access certain filtered and sorted assortment areas. Afterwards you look for the suitable product in the desired number and put it by click on the button into the Warenkorb.

To arrive into the cash area, you click on the appropriate button above right. You will find the CASHIER button on every page of our offer, which will take you to your shopping cart and the associated checkout area. Afterwards you decide whether you order as a new customer or as a regular customer. As a new customer you enter your delivery address and payment method and complete the purchase. Regular customers log in and can be shipped to an existing address, or specify a new delivery address.

If the purchase is completed, you will be asked depending on the payment method to trigger the payment, for example, via our payment service provider PayPal. With an advance payment, you will immediately receive information about the transfer to be made. In the case of purchase on account or SEPA direct debit, no further steps are necessary on your part. Then it is our turn and we usually process your order on the same working day. We always have ordered goods in stock and pack them carefully and not too heavy. Our service provider Deutsche Post DHL collects the goods daily, so that they usually reach you the following working day.

My account - your login and record

As a regular customer you access your customer account in connection with a purchase at gerardo.de by navigating to the checkout after the shopping cart has been filled. Then they select the option STAMMKUNDE and log in with your data.

You will then receive an overview of your stored home address and payment method and the last selected delivery address. You can then change the delivery address before submitting, we note this also for any subsequent orders.

Your once selected payment method is retained, whereby you are also always enabled the payment service provider PayPal. If you have any change requests that go beyond the possibility of our online store, we ask you to contact us via email or phone.

We deliberately refrain from (partly superfluous) additional features. Since experience has shown that these are rarely used and distract from the purchase. Because it is finally about good wine!

Wine letter - Subscribe to be always informed.

You are welcome to subscribe to our wine letter (newsletter). This informs you in regular intervals (every week or every two weeks) via eMail about new arrivals and interesting wineries from our portfolio. The subscription is quick and easy, just enter your eMail address via the 'Message in a Bottle' button (bottom right of each page). Alternatively, you can also subscribe to the wine letter during the ordering process.

At the end of each wine letter eMail you will find a link to unsubscribe, so you can quickly and easily remove yourself from the mailing list. You can also request a Weinbrief subscription or unsubscription via eMail or telephone.

Discounts, offers and resellers

Resellers - Our offer is basically for end users. There are no discounts or price list for resellers, our online store is still open 24/7 for you!

Offers - You will regularly find current offers in the various sections. These are based on vintage or assortment changes. Most offers are limited in time, this is also displayed in the online store.

Discounts - Apart from offer prices, we offer no other discounts or discount scales. Sale on the Internet requires anyway a calculation with 'sharp pencil', for further discounts the margin is simply too thin.


Our prices shown are end consumer prices including German taxes and duties.


How fast is the shipping?

We accept orders online around the clock. We ship immediately after receiving the order or payment, sometimes on the same day. 99% of all orders leave our premises on the next working day at the latest.

From when is free delivery?

Unfortunately, since 2020 we can no longer offer free delivery. This is due to increased transport costs, cardboard boxes and additional costs. Shipping wine often means heavyweight, multi-piece shipments. You pay a single flat shipping rate within Germany, regardless of the number and weight of the goods shipped.

DHL shipping - fast and insured

Within Germany you pay a flat rate of 6,95 Euro per order, regardless of value or quantity. The shipping costs include post-tested packaging, insurance and transport with Deutsche Post DHL.

We ship exclusively with Deutsche Post DHL, which has proven to be a reliable partner in terms of wine shipping. In this case, shipping usually takes place within two to three business days (usually even overnight) and is insured. We also ship only small and medium-sized packages, heavy 18-er cartons do not exist.

With all due care, we can never completely exclude problems or even damage during the supply chain. In this case, we are happy to help you: you can refuse the package and receive a replacement immediately. Only afterwards visible damages (or cork taint) we refund you without further ado! Just contact us by eMail or phone.

EU Shipping - Does gerardo.de also deliver abroad?

We ship a manageable amount of packages to EU countries. The freight costs can be found in the corresponding table (see also SHIPPING COSTS in the footer at the very bottom of each page). These are calculated per carton with up to 12 bottles. For larger shipments, the freight costs per carton started.

Deliveries abroad also take place with Deutsche Post DHL or its service partners in the destination country. Your goods are fully insured and we do not use heavy 18-er cartons.

We ask you at this point not to discuss the EU shipping costs with us, because we have not made. Shipping wine often means multiple, heavyweight packages, and the freight charges billed to you only cover a portion of the actual cost.

Sustainability & GoGreen - what does it mean?

Our packages are shipped CO2 neutral as part of a green logistics chain. In this process, the emissions generated during shipping are offset by certified climate projects of DHL (Deutsche Post).


Complaints - Something broke or a bottle corked

Don't worry, we're happy to help! In case of freight damage or cork leakage, just contact us by email or phone and we will solve the problem unbureaucratically. We do not use a ticket system and do not operate a call center, instead you talk directly to us.

If there is obvious damage to your shipment, you should refuse to accept the delivery from the parcel carrier. In this way, the package will be automatically returned to us. We register the damage and immediately send you a freshly packed replacement delivery to your home. All this without long back and forth.

Not quite so obvious damage or cork taint on individual wine bottles please report by eMail or phone. Depending on the situation, you will receive a credit note from us (e.g. via PayPal), as the shipping of individual replacement bottles is economically not sensible and also not very environmentally friendly.

Shipping - If it takes a little longer...

Don't panic! Usually your shipment arrives within two to three business days (order within Germany). In most cases, our service providers even make it overnight. However, a shipment can also be delayed by a few days, so we ask in case of doubt for 1-2 additional days of patience.

In addition, you usually reach all packages on the same day, but this is not guaranteed. Give any stragglers another 1-2 days, it is annoying but happens rarely and only with large shipments.


For shipments in Germany, which were deposited at a branch, agency or Packstation due to absence, a redelivery can be requested. The corresponding contact form of DHL can be found HERE, the DHL service number is: 0228 / 4333112.


Our customers can make use of the right of withdrawal and return ordered goods if they are not satisfied. Please contact us for this and do not act arbitrarily. We will send you a return bill with which the goods can be posted at the nearest post office. When the goods arrive, we will credit you the corresponding value of the goods. We ask for your understanding that we cannot refund opened bottles and delicatessen products if you are not satisfied with them.


The payment with PayPal

Among other things, we offer the payment service provider PayPal. To pay with PayPal, you need a fully set up and charged PayPal account. During the order process you will be redirected to the PayPal page, where you will be asked to log in with your PayPal credentials, make the payment and then be redirected back to gerardo.de. The entire process must be completed in order for the PayPal payment to be executed correctly. Please keep in mind that we cannot support you when paying with PayPal: If there is a hitch at any point it usually has to do with PayPal, your PayPal account or the bank account you have on file with PayPal. PayPal may also collect the amount due from your bank account if your PayPal account is not charged, but this process can also be refused. So make sure you have sufficient funds in your PayPal account and bank account.



Our website uses only essential cookies, which are necessary for the functioning. No consent is required for these cookies. We do not use cookies for tracking, analysis or from third-party providers.

Customer reviews

We use our own customer rating system and store customer opinions in-house. We guarantee the authenticity of customer reviews through an individualized link, which is sent to a customer after a completed purchase. Only in connection with a purchase and the individualized link can a rating be submitted.

Information on the authenticity of customer reviews

Each consumer review is verified for authenticity before it is published, ensuring that reviews only come from consumers who have actually purchased/used the products being reviewed. The verification is done by sending individualized links to consumers after completing an online order, which lead to an online review form and ensure that access to the review function is only granted to consumers who have actually purchased a product.


Stock Sale - Can I pick up my order locally?

You can also pick up an order via our online store directly in our warehouse in Huglfing, Upper Bavaria, especially for this purpose you will find a Click & Collect option during the order process. In this case you save the shipping costs and pick up the goods within our opening hours on site. Please do not modify your order during pickup, as it has already been prepared and invoiced.

Tastings & Seminars

Trade means change and gerardo.de has been part of this change for more than 40 years. For this reason, we no longer offer wine tastings or seminars since the beginning of 2020. We also ask you not to request dates in the future, as we have dissolved these structures due to the uncertain legal situation.


Who is behind gerardo.de?

We are an owner-operated specialty retailer with more than 40 years of experience in wine. Our company is completely self-financed and independent of external capital providers and/or subsidies. The Italian wine depot (www.gerardo.de) is managed today by Tobias Strunz, the son of the founder Gerhard Strunz in second generation. The small and reliable team of family members and employees has been increasingly taking care of the online mail order business for years.

Who is Gerardo?

Gerhard 'Gerardo' Strunz was the founder and owner of 'Das italienische Weindepot (www.gerardo.de)' and ran the company from 1978 until mid-2021. Now deceased, the philanthropist and wine connoisseur is considered a luminary in the wine scene both at home and abroad. Not only because of the business, but also because of his knowledge of human nature and his tireless commitment to the Italian wine world and the people who fill it with life.

Why is the name of the website different from the company name?

The name difference has historical reasons: The Italian Wine Depot has existed longer than the Internet. When modems finally entered private households, we decided to use a short, meaningful name which is also harmless under trademark law: gerardo.de. It is the name of the Weindepot founder Gerhard 'Gerardo' Strunz, who died in August 2021. His name lives on in the form of our website.

What store software does gerardo.de use?

For our customers it may be irrelevant, but for us it is an important component: Our store software is a proprietary development and has been consistently enhanced by Tobias Strunz (trained IT specialist) since 2001. Thus, a professional, customized software was created which is as individual as the wine world of Italy.

Our store meets all, legal and data protection regulations. This includes a seamless SSL encryption, tamper-proof input forms and the specifications of the European Data Protection Regulation.

Last updated: 19.05.2022