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Tobias Strunz
Gerhard 'Gerardo' Strunz 1949-2021†

By the way
We are a family run wine shop and not a mail order giant. For this reason we do not operate a call center, nor will you find discount prices with us. We ship a manageable amount of packages and therefore rely on proper pricing of our products and shipping costs. With us you will find neither moon nor discount prices, but an economically sustainable calculation.

For this we are with our stock all year round deliverable, uninterruptedly for you there and send your packages immediately and 'overnight'. Our online store is permanently maintained, designed and expanded and represents much more than just a list of articles. On several thousand pages we present not only our wines, but also provide a lot of lovingly researched information.

We do not offer questionable 5+1 bundles and do not engage in address trading, because we are a wine specialty store, mindful of quality and good service.

The Italian Wine Depot has been on the market for over 40 years now, we were one of the first Internet wine retailers and never the biggest or the loudest (the first version of our website went online in January 2001). All this is thanks to our loyal customers, who appreciate our work (and therefore that of our winemakers). We are all part of a system, and the positive shaping of it is our common task.

-Tobias Strunz

Mail order
We prefer you to order through our online store, these orders are also processed the fastest. Orders that reach us by phone, eMail, etc., sometimes have a longer processing time. We advise you nevertheless gladly by telephone.

Stock sale
You are welcome to shop on site in our warehouse. It is advantageous if you inform yourself in advance about our online store or place a click-and-collect order.

We still do not offer tasting in our warehouse.

Storage address
Das italienische Weindepot
Weidenstr. 2a
82386 Huglfing im Pfaffenwinkel

Stock sale
Monday to Friday: 9am - 2pm
Saturday: 9am - 1pm

Christmas 24.12: 9am - 1pm
New Year 31.12: 9am - 1pm

Note: Day Off
Our store is closed once a month during the week. For details, please refer to the notice on site. If you are traveling from further away, please call in advance. Mail order business continues as usual.

email: kontakt@gerardo.de
Phone:+49 (0)8802 - 906005 (weekdays 9am - 2pm)

We expressly object to the use and disclosure of our telephone, fax and email addresses for the purpose of transmitting unsolicited advertisements, consultations and sales pitches, as well as to the questioning of credit reporting agencies, unless we have given our prior written consent or a business contact already exists.

Questions & Answers
Also use our Frequently Asked Questions page to get informed.

Last updated: 19.05.2022