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Short & Sweet
CarrierWe ship exclusively with DHL (Deutsche Post).
Shipping Costs DEFlat rate 6,95 Euro per order within Germany, regardless of goods value or quantity.
Delivery Time DETwo to four working days within Germany (often already on the next working day).

Your Benefits
InsuranceAll packages and goods shipped are fully insured.
ProcessingWe ship as quickly as possible as a matter of principle, there are no processing times.
Shipping DaysShipping takes place five days a week, all year round.
Package SizeOur packages hold a maximum of 12 bottles, we use smaller packages whenever possible (3, 6, 9...).
DamageWe take care of any freight damage and cork taint in no uncertain terms.
Cardboard BoxesWe use high quality, sturdy and post-certified packaging made of recycled cardboard.
SustainabilityWe offer carbon-neutral shipping of packages and green logistics (GoGreen).
Inventory99% of our products are always available in sufficient quantities from stock.
StorageThe goods are stored all year round in air-conditioned conditions, free from shocks and protected from sunlight.

EU Shipping Notes
EU Shipping CostsYou pay the amount per carton (max. 12 bottles) as indicated in the table.
EU Delivery TimeShipping within the EU takes 3-8 working days.

Country of deliveryShipping costsFreight calculated
Deutschland6,95 €per order
Oesterreich24,90 €per 12 bottles (also partial)
Belgien24,90 €per 12 bottles (also partial)
Niederlande24,90 €per 12 bottles (also partial)
Luxemburg24,90 €per 12 bottles (also partial)
Daenemark29,90 €per 12 bottles (also partial)
Spanien29,90 €per 12 bottles (also partial)
Frankreich29,90 €per 12 bottles (also partial)
Italien29,90 €per 12 bottles (also partial)
Polen29,90 €per 12 bottles (also partial)
Tschechien29,90 €per 12 bottles (also partial)
Finnland29,90 €per 12 bottles (also partial)
Schweden29,90 €per 12 bottles (also partial)
Schweiz29,90 €per 12 bottles (also partial)
Portugal29,90 €per 12 bottles (also partial)
Ungarn29,90 €per 12 bottles (also partial)
Slovakei29,90 €per 12 bottles (also partial)
Griechenland29,90 €per 12 bottles (also partial)
Kroatien29,90 €per 12 bottles (also partial)
Litauen29,90 €per 12 bottles (also partial)
Lettland29,90 €per 12 bottles (also partial)
Bulgarien29,90 €per 12 bottles (also partial)
Rumaenien29,90 €per 12 bottles (also partial)
Slovenien29,90 €per 12 bottles (also partial)

Freight free limit

Unfortunately, as of spring 2020, we are no longer able to offer a freight-free limit due to the increased costs of shipping service providers and cardboard boxes.

Shipping wine often means heavyweight, multi-piece shipments. Within Germany you pay one flat shipping rate, regardless of the number and weight of items shipped.

Transportation damage

Despite careful packaging, we can not always exclude breakage. In case of obvious damage, please refuse to accept the package. If the damage is not apparent until you open the package, please contact us immediately. We will accept all freight damage without hesitation.


For shipments in Germany, which were deposited at a branch, agency or Packstation due to absence, a redelivery can be requested. To do this, use the confirmation email of DHL.

The corresponding contact form of DHL can be found HERE, the DHL service number is: 0228 / 4333112.


We will cover the cost of returns in the event of withdrawal from the contract of sale, freight damage or not liked. Contact us for this via phone or eMail to clarify the procedure. The cost of any redelivery, we take over in this case.


For shipments that are returned to us due to address errors, non-presence or refusal to accept the package (delivery address is not informed about the package), we must charge you in the event of a new delivery additional shipping costs in the amount of 6.95 euros.

Packaging units

We ship our goods exclusively in unbreakable shipping cartons that have standard space for 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 12 or a maximum of 15 bottles. As a matter of principle, we no longer use 18-bottle cardboard boxes and pack as small as possible. However, for economic reasons we must always use the largest possible container. The ideal number of bottles for economical and unbreakable shipping is divisible by 3.

Delivery to EU foreign countries

Our deliveries to the EU foreign countries are occasional deliveries in individual cases. Brandy and brandy-containing goods (products) are not delivered to the EU foreign countries even in individual cases.

Shipping to Switzerland

Shipments to Switzerland are exempt from German sales tax, this will be displayed together with the shipping costs in the online store, correct selection of the destination country provided. For shipments in Switzerland there are additional alcohol and customs duties, this happens in Switzerland, we have no influence on this, nor are these costs included in our shipping costs. Information on CH alcohol duty can be found here:


Shipping to the third country of Switzerland is time-consuming and costly. It is more economical to have it delivered to a delivery address near the border, such as a parcel store.

Time of delivery

We do not have any influence at what time of day your package will be delivered. Usually our parcel delivery managers drive to customers between 9am and 4pm, if necessary, you have experience values for the delivery in their street. Keep an eye on the shipment tracking, which the parcel service providers transmit to you via eMail.

Different delivery address

Provided that the payment of your order is settled, we are happy to deliver to a different address, this address must be informed about the process.

Packing station

Packstations have only a few large parcel boxes available. They are then not spared the trip to the post office, if their shipment is too large or the Packstation is overcrowded. As a rule, only parcels of up to 12 bottles find space in the Packstation (60cm * 35cm * 35cm). If the delivery fails, the post office will forward your package to the nearest branch. Please note that we can not easily locate the branch - inform yourself beforehand! In case of further problems, please contact the DHL Packstation Hotline directly: 0228-28609855.

Contact the parcel drivers

The parcel drivers never notify the delivery by phone. It is not possible for us to make a direct contact with the parcel driver. Make sure that the shipment can be accepted. In the store, you can also book a desired day for DHL delivery.

Partial deliveries

In rare cases, partial delivery may occur if items are out of stock for a short time. In this case, you will be informed by us in advance via eMail. In addition, you will receive a freight-free subsequent delivery as soon as possible.

Notes on disposal

The Italian Wine Depot is committed to environmental responsibility. We have organized the return of used packaging and its proper recycling in accordance with legal requirements. For this purpose, we use the nationwide system of INTERSEROH SE.

As far as the packaging of our products are not marked with the Green Dot or other signs of legally approved disposal systems, they are disposed of by our partner INTERSEROH SE. This partner will call you on 0800/1010855 (toll-free) to inform you of drop-off points in your area or arrange for the packaging to be picked up at your location. Alternatively, simply put cardboard boxes in with the waste paper. For used glass, use the local collection systems.

All packaging materials delivered with our products can be disposed of free of charge for you within the Federal Republic of Germany by your regional INTERSEROH disposal partner, quoting our manufacturer's number: 146287. Addresses of INTERSEROH disposal partners in your region are available at www.interseroh-isd.de.

Last updated: 29.11.2021