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Mount Etna is the highest mountain on the Mediterranean island of Sicily and also the most active volcano in Europe. It is believed that wine has been grown on Etna for thousands of years, the associated DOC has existed since 1968 and was updated in 2014. The growing area extends between 450 and 1100 meters above sea level from Randazzo in the north to Milo in the east and around the southern slopes of Etna. The soil is of volcanic origin, very rich in minerals and composed mainly of lava, ash and sand. Only recently have Sicilian wineries recognized Etna's potential and embraced this last great challenge of Italian viticulture. The extremely manageable vineyards cover less than 1,000 hectares, and only top quality wines are produced there. - Gerardo

"Etna is not only currently spitting fire again, it is also considered a hotspot of Italy's wine regions. The Etna wine region provides the basis for exceptional wines." - Falstaff

"Since then, Etna has virtually been considered the cool-climate region of the south. The very unique combination of volcanic soils and altitude - at 3400 meters, Etna is the highest volcano in Europe - creates finesse-rich wines with a pronounced salty-mineral flavor." - Falstaff

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