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Moscato d Asti | Classic

Moscato d Asti | Classic

Moscato d' Asti is the classic, Piedmontese fun-and-fun wine: the combination of low alcohol content, light perlage and delightfully fresh fruit sweetness make this wine from the defined growing regions of Piedmont a fine aperitif. Moscato d'Asti is one of the typical sweet wines of Italy: a dessert wine from the Piedmont region, more precisely from the provinces of Cuneo, Alessandria as well as the province of Asti, which gives it its name. This sweet wine also serves as the basis for the famous sparkling wine Asti Spumante, which undergoes a second fermentation. The wine is intended for quick consumption and is suitable for many occasions, which is also underlined by its relatively low alcohol content. - Gerardo

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