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Italy has produced countless wine icons since the late sixties and the number of prestigious labels continues to grow at present. A wine icon is a wine of world renown, a wine which needs no explanation, because the name is known and is considered by wine connoisseurs and critics as a 'benchmark'.

A lot of stories surround Italy's wine icons (also called 'Icon Wines') and the wines provide for all sorts of conversation (not least because of the prices). The price is calculated not only from the wine quality (which is given in this category anyway, since the winemakers process only their best grapes in the best way) - but inevitably also from the brand name that these wines have built up over the decades.

The 'Icon Wines' also stand for the pioneering work of their winemakers and for the venture to break new ground - even if the wines after years of international recognition then ultimately become timeless classics. This is not detrimental to the unforgettable pleasure that such a wine (also in connection with the name) offers, on the contrary, it contributes to the creation of legend. - Gerardo

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