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Campo d'Oro / Villa Reale | Sicily

Campo d'Oro / Villa Reale | Sicily

For two generations Campo d'Oro has been dedicated to the production of food products, selecting the best products from fishing and agriculture. The delicatessen, produced according to Sicilian tradition, does not use any artificial additives or preservatives. All specialties are preserved in high quality oil, which does not alter the character of the products and also makes a long shelf life possible - even without additives.

Campo d'Oro is aware of its social and ethical responsibility towards the environment: thanks to photovoltaic installations and wind turbines, the energy required for the production of preserves can be obtained entirely from renewable sources. This protects the environment and reduces the carbon dioxide content in the air. - Gerardo

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´Olio all' aglio´ Knoblauch Olivenöl Extra Vergine 2021, Villa Reale, Sizilien

Olio all' aglio Knoblauch Olivenöl Extra Vergine 2021

Villa Reale, Sicily

This mild, Sicilian olive oil has been blended with the extract of garlic, making it perfect for the classic, Italian spaghettata. Refine with this garlic oil spaghetti aglio olio and many other pasta dishes. - Gerardo

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