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Garganega | Grape variety

Garganega | Grape variety

Soave owes its reputation to the precious and autochthonous Garganega vine. The Classico designation means that this wine thrives in the oldest growing zone, mostly in the hilly areas and on black volcanic soil. The vine produces fragrant-fresh, fruity and at the same time mild wines, with golden yellow color. The typical fruity acidity and the moderate alcohol content make this wine very appealing to the Central European wine lover. Garganega is a vigorous white wine grape variety from Veneto. Its most famous embodiment is Soave, in which it accounts for 70-100%. In the Soave Classico range, this grape variety produces fine white wines of particular quality, scented with lemons and almonds, on which the good name of Soave is based. - Gerardo

"Soave is undoubtedly one of the most important growing areas in the country, contributing with beautiful regularity some of the most representative wines to the Italian label cadre." - Gambero Rosso

'In the renaissance of this DOC, Ca' Rugate has played a leading role for more than a decade." - Gambero Rosso

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