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Moscato Giallo | Grape variety

Moscato Giallo | Grape variety

Muscat is one of the world's historic grape varieties, whose wines taste just like the grapes. It produces wines of great intensity, floral and exuberantly aromatic. Originally the grape variety comes from the Near East, but in the meantime it has spread all over the world.

It is quite possible that the Romans already brought the Goldmuskateller to South Tyrol, when they advanced in 15 BC into the valleys, which at that time belonged to ancient Rhaetia. Today the variety is cultivated in warm areas of the Etsch Valley between Salurn and Merano. This very old and refined grape variety is known in Italy as Moscato and in South Tyrol as Goldmuskteller (Italian: Mosacto Giallo). It is considered demanding in terms of location and soil, thus its quantities are limited. The area under cultivation in South Tyrol is about 60 hectares, which is only 1.2% of the total area, so it is a rare niche wine. In South Tyrol it obtained the DOC predicate in 1975, where it is considered an outstanding representative of its kind in Central Europe. - Gerardo

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