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Groppello | Grape variety

Groppello | Grape variety

The umbrella term Groppello refers to a family of grape varieties from northern Italy. They are grown mainly around Lake Garda, in Lombardy and Veneto. Typical of the region, the grape variety is characterized by pine-nut shaped fruits that populate the branches in great abundance. The various resulting wines are characterized by ruby red color and have a berry spicy flavor. The alcohol content of these wines is usually in the medium range and they have a low acidity. Groppello is suitable to accompany pork, chicken or even tuna.

The grape varieties include: Groppello Gentile, which is grown on the western shore of Lake Garda and ripens comparatively late. The resulting wines can have quite a delicate flavor. Groppello di Mocasina is cultivated less frequently than Groppello Gentile. The wines obtained from this variety have a fuller-bodied and more intense aroma than those of other Groppello species.

Another variety is called Groppello di Santo Stefano. It is not dissimilar to Groppello Gentile, but its wines often lack character, which is why it is mainly used in blends. Finally, there is Groppello Bianco, which, unlike the other varieties, is made from white grapes. The wine made from them has a finely structured flavor and a discreet acidity. - Gerardo

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