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Ischia is so rich in grapes and vines that the island has been considered a reliable supplier of wine since ancient times. Research has shown that even the name 'Ischia' is closely linked to viticulture: the Romans called the island 'Aenaria', which in turn was derived from the Greek word 'oinaria'. It means 'land of vines and grapes'. They also called the island 'Inarim' which according to the poets Virgilio and Ovido means 'grape'. Another irrefutable proof is an inscription on the Nestor cup, an artifact recovered on the island in 1954. The inscription praises the local wine and shows that the Greeks were already cultivating vines on Ischia in the 8th century BC. The beautiful, volcanic landscape and the Mediterranean climate have a lasting influence on the island's viticulture. The soil also has a strong influence on the quality of the products, especially in the area around Monte Epomeo, where mainly volcanic greenstone tuff is found.

Angeli matti - the crazy Angels
The geographical isolation contributes its part to the unique climate, history and cultural characteristics that develop on each island. Winemaking on Ischia is therefore not only an income, but it protects the landscape and perpetuates ethical and cultural traditions.  The difficulties faced by Ischia winemakers are not linked to the landscape alone - socio-economic facts also complicate the work. All these factors mean that viticulture on Ischia can only be accomplished with immense labor and regular investment. Among their peers and the trade press, the island's winemakers have thus long earned the name of 'angeli matti" - crazy angels. Because you have to be crazy if you want to grow wine on Ischia today - and an angel to give everything to cultivate the island in harmony with nature.

Adventure Harvest
The harvest on Ischia takes place between September 20 and October 10, although some grape varieties ripen a little earlier or later in certain locations - which of course is taken into account individually. All grapes on Ischia are painstakingly harvested by hand and then transported away in small crates to avoid damage. Many busy hands are needed to harvest all the vineyards in a timely manner, the grape material is also often transported by so-called 'monorotaia' (tiny monorails) directly to the winery, as a constant ascent and descent would be too time-consuming and labor-intensive for the harvesters. The vinification and aging by d'Ambra further enhances the main characteristic of Ischia wines: the delicate bouquet and the pleasant almond aroma which make Ischia wines some of the most sought-after white wines. Already in 1966 the Ischia wines received the DOC seal due to a request from Mario's brothers Michele and Salvatore. In more recent times, the single-varietal wines made from autochthonous grape varieties such as Biancolella, Forastera and Per' e Palummo have also received this seal of quality.

The wine production
At the foot of Monte Epomeo, below a spectacular natural amphietheater, lies the modern building with temperature-controlled fermentation cellar - the heart of Casa d'Ambra. In an area of 3,500 square meters, all the grape material is gathered here and the second part of the winemaking process begins: fermentation and aging. All the main operations are carried out here, where short distances allow efficient work: Fermentation in stainless steel tanks, aging of red wines in small and large wooden barrels, bottling and further aging in the bottle until release to the market. The daily production capacity is a maximum of 80 tons for the white wines and 25 tons for the red wines. The stainless steel tanks have a maximum capacity of 10,000 hectoliters, while the barrique barrels can age a maximum of 300 hectoliters. Casa d'Ambra is the oldest and largest winery on the island of Ischia, a highly complex enterprise. The annual harvest, during which grapes must be collected from over 100 different vineyards, is equivalent to a logistical feat. All these factors together result in genuine steep slope wines of the very highest quality. - Gerardo [TS05/23]

Casa d' Ambra
NameCasa d' Ambra
Founding Year1888
OwnerAndrea d'Ambra
OenologistAndrea d'Ambra
Annual Production500.000
Vineyard Area (Hectare)18
Additional Purchase80%

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Mario D'Ambra Ischia Rosso DOC 2019, Casa D'Ambra, Kampanien

Mario D'Ambra Ischia Rosso DOC 2019, Casa D'Ambra

Casa D'Ambra, Campania
€ 19,95
26,60 €/L
Frassitelli Ischia Biancolella DOC 2020, Casa D'Ambra, Kampanien

Frassitelli Ischia Biancolella DOC 2020, Casa D'Ambra

Casa D'Ambra, Campania
€ 19,95 jetzt € 15,99
21,32 €/L
Ischia Biancolella DOC 2022, Casa D'Ambra, Kampanien

Ischia Biancolella DOC 2022, Casa D'Ambra

Casa D'Ambra, Campania
€ 14,50
19,33 €/L
Ischia Bianco DOC 2022, Casa D'Ambra, Kampanien

Ischia Bianco DOC 2022, Casa D'Ambra

Casa D'Ambra, Campania
€ 9,50
12,67 €/L
Vigna dei Mille Anni Ischia Per' e Palummo DOC 2016 (3er Holzkiste), Casa D'Ambra, Kampanien

Vigna dei Mille Anni Ischia Per' e Palummo DOC 2016 (3er Holzkiste), Casa D'Ambra

Casa D'Ambra, Campania
€ 79,95
35,53 €/L
Ischia Forastera DOC 2021, Casa D'Ambra, Kampanien

Ischia Forastera DOC 2021, Casa D'Ambra

Casa D'Ambra, Campania
€ 13,50 jetzt € 11,99
15,99 €/L