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Blog: Simone Capecci

The winery San Savino, managed by Simone Capecci, is located between San Bendetto (Adriatic Sea) and the provincial capital Ascoli Piceno, in central Italy. The passionate winemaker Simone Capecci now runs the winery in the third generation. He continues the life's work of his father Domenico and his ancestor Serafino: the care and development of viticulture in the hills of Ascoli Piceno. He dedicates himself exclusively to the original grape varieties of the Marche, including Montepulciano, Sangiovese, Passerina and the rediscovered mountain grape variety Pecorino. The rules of natural viticulture are readily applied, which does not exclude the incorporation of newer knowledge - this is also expressed with the modern equipment of the fermentation cellar.

The Rosso Piceno - a cuvee of Montepulciano and Sangiovese is the main wine of San Savino and also the most famous wine of the Marche region. Simone Capecci prepares it in two different basic versions: The everyday wine 'Collemura', aged purely in stainless steel, and the barrique-aged festive version 'Picus'. In addition, depending on the year and grape quality, there are several Rosso Piceno variants, which always impressively demonstrate Simone Capecci's creativity. In recent years, Simone has also put more effort into the white wines of the region, including the triney Falerio dei Colli Ascolani 'Collemura' as well as the two high-quality and somewhat more special wines made from old, autochthonous grape varieties: the single-varietal Passserina 'Tuffila' as well as the white flagship of San Savino, the spicy-mineral, single-varietal Pecorino 'Ciprea'.

Marche is a region rich in history, but still a piece of unknown Italy. The level of awareness is far behind Tuscany and Piedmont. Unlike other wine-growing areas, which benefited from the rich influx of money from many companies in the industry, banks and insurance companies, the Marche retained its original character. This is fortunate, because excessive commercialism also has negative influences. The subzone of the Rosso Piceno area, which is particularly outstanding in terms of quality, is located in the southern part of the production zone, between San Benedetto and Ascoli Piceno. Here, in addition to Sangiovese grapes, Montepulciano grapes traditionally find excellent ripening and growing conditions, in steep and sheltered sites. - Gerardo [TS06/22]

"When it comes to wine, Simone Capecci has very clear ideas: They need pure fruit, dense, tame tannins and a rich structure whose delicacy is never an end in itself, but must be in the service of outstanding drinkability. To achieve this, he tends his vineyards with allotment gardening meticulousness. Added to this is meticulous work in the cellar, which is equipped with modern technology. Sophisticated temperature control processes, for example, give the products a surprising purity of aroma." - Gambero Rosso

Simone Capecci
NameSimone Capecci
Founding Year1974
OwnerSimone Capecci
OenologistSimone Capecci
Annual Production120.000
Vineyard Area (Hectare)22
Additional Purchaseno

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´Ciprea´ · Offida Pecorino DOC 2021, Simone Capecci, Marken

Ciprea · Offida Pecorino DOC 2021 (Bio), Simone Capecci

Simone Capecci, Marche
€ 12,50
16,67 €/L
´Quinta Regio´ · Offida Rosso DOC 2017, Simone Capecci, Marken

Quinta Regio · Offida Rosso DOC 2017 (Bio), Simone Capecci

Simone Capecci, Marche
€ 29,95
39,93 €/L
´Chiodo´ · Marche Bianco IGP 2020, Simone Capecci, Marken

Chiodo · Marche Bianco IGP 2020 (Bio), Simone Capecci

Simone Capecci, Marche
€ 12,95
17,27 €/L
´Tufilla´ · Marche Passerina IGP 2022, Simone Capecci, Marken

Tufilla · Marche Passerina IGP 2022 (Bio), Simone Capecci

Simone Capecci, Marche
€ 10,95
14,60 €/L
´Präsent: Simone Capecci Rotweine´ · 1x Quinta Regio, 1x Fedus Sangiovese, 1x Picus Rosso Piceno (3er Holzkiste), Simone Capecci, Marken

Präsent: Simone Capecci Rotweine · 1x Quinta Regio, 1x Fedus Sangiovese, 1x Picus Rosso Piceno (3er Holzkiste) (Bio), Simone Capecci

Simone Capecci, Marche
€ 69,95
31,09 €/L
´Pallido´ · Marche Rosato IGT 2020, Simone Capecci, Marken

Pallido · Marche Rosato IGT 2020 (Bio), Simone Capecci

Simone Capecci, Marche
€ 9,95 jetzt € 8,99
11,99 €/L