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Livruni · Primitivo IGT 2021

Vetrère, Puglia
´Livruni´ · Primitivo IGT 2021, Vetrère, Puglia
Livruni - a typical fruity Primitivo. Ruby red in color with violet reflections, the nose reminds of red currants and blackberries, vanilla and coconut notes in the finish. Warm and well structured, soft and well balanced, a fresh and immediately suitable wine for many occasions. Best with aged salami, pasta bakes, stuffed eggplant. - Gerardo [TS12/22]

"Today the Vetrere estate in the Apulian panorama is one of the suppliers of fine wines, its labels can be relied upon, the quality is beyond question." - Gambero Rosso

0,75-LPrice incl. VAT (DE)  plus Shipping    contains Sulfites 14 % Vol. in stock

 € 10,25 13,67 €/L

´Livruni´ · Primitivo IGT 2021

Content information
Product name´Livruni´ · Primitivo IGT 2021, Vetrère, Puglia
OriginPuglia / Taranto / Italy
ProducerAzienda Agricola Vetrere, S.P. Monte lasi Montemesola, Km 16, I-74100 Taranto (TA)
Alcohol14 % Vol.
Grape Variety100% Primitivo
Storage potential2025+
Serving temperature16-18 ° C.
Closure TypeKorken
Product typeDry Redwine
Contents0,75-L Bottle
Additives subject to declaration / AllergensContains sulfites

Additional Information

Founding Year2002
OwnerAnnamaria & Francesca Bruni
OenologistMartina Andriani
Annual Production250.000
Vineyard Area (Hectare)37
Additional Purchaseno

Best Ratings (possibly other vintage)
Gambero Rosso1 Glas (von 3)
Luca Maroni86 Punkte (von 100)
Duemilavini3 Trauben (von 5)

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