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Peter Zemmer | South Tyrol

Peter Zemmer | South Tyrol

The Peter Zemmer winery was founded in 1928 - at that time as a wine trading company - in Kurtining an der Weinstrasse. The municipality is located on the southern border of the province of Bolzano, and thus of South Tyrol, and features hilly valley bottoms with light, sandy soils. Helmut Zemmer worked on his parents' farm since his youth, but despite his many years of experience in vineyard and cellar, he was still drawn to study at Italy's best viticultural school in Michele all'Adige. In recent decades, together with his sons, he has built up a decidedly modern winery that specializes in floral and elegant white wines and full-bodied reds. In recent years, Zemmer has received good reviews in the worldwide trade press, reason enough to remember the name of this winery. - Gerardo

"For several years now, Peter Zemmer has been working on one of the upper quality floors. Committed and with a sure winemaker's hand, he runs his estate..." - Gambero Rosso 2010

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Gewürztraminer DOC 2019, Peter Zemmer, Südtirol

Gewürztraminer DOC 2019

Peter Zemmer, South Tyrol

Gewürztraminer is certainly the most typical South Tyrolean white wine: full-bodied and extremely aromatic. Intense bright straw to golden yellow color. In the fragrance spicy notes of dried flowers, cloves and rose petals. Full-bodied and spicy on the palate, fresh and lively with pleasant, soft acidity. - Gerardo

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Peter Zemmer | South Tyrol | gerardo.de

In a wine country whose tradition reaches far back into the time before the Roman emperors, wine, culture and art are closely entwined. Thus, South Tyrol has been shaped by countless generations of winegrowers as a land of wine. For almost a century, viticulture has been part of the history of the Zemmer family and the enthusiasm for wine is firmly anchored in the hearts of the youngest generation as well. Culture and nature, tradition and innovation, respect and development, Helmuth Zemmer loves and lives his environment.

Since its foundation in 1928, the Peter Zemmer family winery has been producing esteemed wines from its own vineyards. Vineyards and wineries in the best locations around Kurtinig a.d.W. in the South Tyrolean lowlands are part of the ownership and management of the company. Peter Zemmer fills the soul of the wine with strength of character. Valuable experience, sound and innovative expertise and ideal natural starting conditions provide the guarantee for the best quality products in harmony with nature. The foundation for the expressiveness of the wines is already laid in the vineyard. The prudent care of the vines, the intensive green care as well as the consistently strict selection are the most important prerequisites for the authentic wines. Peter Zemmer attaches great importance to processing natural wines that excellently reflect their character of origin and expressively unite the special features of a unique terroir. The fascinating interplay of tradition and innovation, of man and nature, of sense and sensuality should give expression to the passion and sensitivity with which Peter Zemmer gives life to his wines.

Viticulture has always played an important role in Kurtinig a.d.W.. The good soils and the microclimatic, mild alpine climate are the essential prerequisites for the growth of the excellent grape qualities. Just as diverse as the landscape itself is the range of grapes grown in the valley floor around Kurtinig a.d.W.. This particularity has brought praise and recognition to viticulture in the South Tyrolean lowlands throughout the centuries. The wealth of different varieties is undoubtedly due to the climatic conditions, which are extraordinarily favorable for the vine. The high number of hours of sunshine (1,800 on an annual average), the favorable temperature averages (18 degrees Celsius during the growing season), and the ideal distribution of precipitation are reflected in the distinctiveness of the expressive wines. The loose, well-aerated and therefore easily warmed soils also contribute to the optimal development of the vine, ensuring a high quality of the wines produced. The soils are composed of dolomite and limestone with glacial deposits of gravel, sand and clay. After the snowy winters, mountain streams provide abundant water and the hot summers often bring scorching heat in the valley bottoms. Large temperature variations between day and night give the wines a strong aroma. Throughout the region, afternoons are dominated by the 'Ora', a dry and cool breeze that blows regularly from Lake Garda up to Merano and Bressanone. It prevents for the most part the onset of rot after the rains. - Gerardo