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We are part of the change
Our structures have always grown with our activity in 35 years. Our space and room conditions have always been at the limit in a few years because we have never worked according to the motto 'think big'. In 2014 there is nevertheless a major change. After almost a year of preparation, we put our new shipping and collection warehouse in Huglfing into operation. This change was necessary because in the last 10 years our sales via internet have increased more than expected. Huglfing is located in the so-called Pfaffenwinkel, between Weilheim in Upper Bavaria and Murnau am Staffelsee. The property is located directly on the B472, which connects Bad Tölz with Schongau, among other places.

The location
January 2014 we took our new wine warehouse in Huglfing (Upper Bavaria, Weilheim-Schongau district) into operation. The municipality of Huglfing is located in the middle of the so-called Pfaffenwinkel between Munich and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The municipality with its nearly 3,000 inhabitants has an excellent infrastructure, including various commercially used areas. The typical Upper Bavarian village offers a lively village life and a scenic backdrop that is second to none. Embedded in moraine hills, the community lies in the idyllic Hungerbachtal valley, and a large part of the unique Grasleitner moorland is also located in the district.

The Polling monastery, barely ten kilometers away, is also worth mentioning: When the Huosi - who had larger possessions in South Tyrol - founded the monastery in 739, they supplied its inhabitants with Merano wine. The legendary transport of Merano cask wine on a horse-drawn carriage soon became a common sight in the monastic environment. For despite having their own brewery, the monastery lords placed great value on the good wine from the South Tyrolean vineyards.

The building
The building is in alpine style and was built in 1990 especially for the previous owners and tailored to their needs (sales room, warehouse and office space). With just under 4,000 m³ of enclosed space, the building is ideally suited for retail and wholesale, production and storage. The conveniently located access road, generous parking spaces and a spacious delivery offer an optimal maneuvering area, even for large trucks. Due to the direct location on the busy B 472, the proximity to the highway access on the B2 towards Murnau, as well as the short distance to the train station Huglfing, the building has optimal infrastructures. After the previous owner had decided on another location, the owner family bought the property in 2013 and immediately started with the renovation.

The wine warehouse
The core area of the building houses the inventory of the Italian wine depot on around 1,000 m². In addition, there are storage and ancillary rooms which serve to store rarities, large bottles and delicatessen products. Office and staff rooms, separate WC, boiler room and a freight elevator complete the necessary equipment. Only a few years ago, a new, resource-saving natural gas heating system was integrated into the building. Together with the insulated outer shell, this ensures a positive climate balance.

The fully air-conditioned warehouse offers optimal conditions for the storage of quality wine. This guarantees the best possible maturation of the wines and also allows our customers to enjoy older vintages. Inside the light-protected building, the wine stock is stored vibration-free at a constant 16 degrees Celsius and 60 percent humidity.

The company
Founded back in 1978, the Italian wine depot is still an owner-operated family business. The original location in a grocery store in Garmisch-Partenkirchen OT Burgrain, was followed by 25 unforgettable years in the backyard of Hauptstrasse 56. In October 2008, the company moved to Bahnhofstrasse 34. After the Internet mail order business, which has been operating since 2001, has recorded strong growth rates in recent years, the separation of mail order as well as specialized trade was inevitable. Therefore, from September 2014, the internet mail order business will be moved to the new building in Huglfing. - Gerardo [2014]

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