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Well-known and internationally successful corporations once introduced free shipping and have become big with it. Quickly ordering something on approval is now just as common as free returns. The logistical, ecological and environmental consequences of this development are well known.

Many of our competitors also think they can score points with free shipping or extremely low shipping costs. However, these online retailers cannot avoid hiding the supposedly free shipping costs in their prices through mixed calculation. This means that the free shipping is subsidized by higher prices and the actual product price is distorted.

Shipping costs money. This is especially true for wine shipping, where bottles are often ordered by the dozen: Deutsche Post makes itself pay well for every single, sometimes quite heavy package, and for good reason: careful picking and secure packaging at German standard wages has its price. Parcel delivery drivers drive through the city and across the countryside in energy-intensive delivery trucks under time pressure, logistics centers need electricity and manpower, as do software and servers that conveniently show us where the delivery is at any given moment.

Logically, it's more expensive to ship multiple packages than a single, lightweight package. Shipping dozens of bottles of wine can hardly be compared to shipping books or DVDs, especially since only single items are usually ordered there. In addition, our customers prefer smaller and lighter boxes (which also benefits the delivery people), and that increases the cost.

That is why we charge a flat rate for shipping, regardless of the quantity of bottles ordered or the value of the order. We do not offer free delivery or free shipping. In any case, our shipping costs cover only part of the cost of cartonage and delivery, the rest is at our expense.

This calculation basis creates transparency, as freight costs are not included in the product price. This is all the more important because we have the same prices in our on-site warehouse sales as in our online store. In both cases, we try to be as competitive as possible with our prices without disregarding a sustainable calculation.

Many of us know that we live in a world in which aberrations have become established. But only very few of us are willing to do something to change this in the future. - Tobias [TS05/23]

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