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With its rich history and characteristic aromas, Bianco di Custoza has established itself as a fixture on the wine market. But how does this Italian white wine manage to stand out from the numerous alternatives?

One important aspect is its clever pricing, which positions Bianco di Custoza as a wine of high quality at an affordable price. Its kinship with the famous Lugana gives it a certain prestige factor that attracts the attention of wine lovers. At the same time, it highlights its accessibility by matching a wide range of dishes and occasions.

Moreover, it is the combination of autochthonous grape varieties that gives Bianco di Custoza its unique character. The carefully selected grape varieties such as Garganega, Trebbiano, Incrocio Manzoni and Friulano provide a harmonious balance of freshness, fruitiness and subtle aromas. This makes it an ideal companion for summer moments of pleasure.

Although Bianco di Custoza is best enjoyed young and fresh, it also shows a remarkable capacity for aging. Aging for one to two years allows its aromas to develop and the wine to gain complexity. Thus, it offers both immediate enjoyment and the possibility of keeping it for special occasions.

Bianco di Custoza has earned its place in the world of Italian wine. With a winning combination of price, unique character and versatility of use, it will delight wine lovers looking for a quality white wine at an affordable price. Immerse yourself in the world of Bianco di Custoza and be enchanted by its elegance and finesse. - Gerardo [TS06/23]

Bianco di Custoza
NameBianco di Custoza

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´Custodia´ · Custoza Superiore DOC 2021, Cantina di Custoza, Venetien

Custodia · Custoza Superiore DOC 2021, Cantina di Custoza

Cantina di Custoza, Veneto
€ 11,95
15,93 €/L