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Dear customers and friends of our company,
First of all I would like to thank our regular customers for their loyalty over many years and sometimes even decades. Humanity is currently experiencing severe turbulence around the world and, for the first time, it seems that this is also having a direct impact on people in Germany and Europe. We have to shoulder these challenges together, so I am all the more pleased that we were able to close a satisfactory financial year. This would not have been possible without our loyal customers.

Annual review 2023
The positive first: Looking back, we were able to successfully implement all the planned items from my last year's annual review. This ranges from our 45th anniversary, to the numerous new admissions, to our 24/7 pick-up box (now gladly used by many customers).

Less pleasing are the many price increases that are due to the turbulence in the wine market and the resulting rise in raw material prices and ancillary costs. The online market is also extremely volatile and was subject to sharp fluctuations, but there was a bright spot in the on-site retail business, which stabilized throughout after Corona times.

Annual preview 2024
The price situation as well as the situation on the Internet will certainly continue to accompany us next year, especially because we basically do not pursue a self-destructive discount strategy. Instead, we will focus on our assortment and work on the presentation as well as the processes in order to offer our customers the most pleasant and seamless shopping experience possible.

As a result, there will be some new additions to the range in the coming year, some of which have already been successfully trial tasted this year. In turn, other somewhat outdated offerings will be dropped from the assortment, as they no longer reflect today's zeitgeist (our store customers are already a bit more informed here). Trade means change and so it is time for new wines!

As usual, there will also be one or the other further development at the online store, especially concerning presentation and comfort functions. This permanent development has been part of my daily work for 20 years and is an integral part of keeping the online store up-to-date.

Everything else will show the new year, I let myself surprise and wish at this point a peaceful pre-Christmas period and a happy new year. - Tobias

Jahresschau 2023/2024

NameAnnual Review 2023/2024