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Ca' Lojera | Lombardy Ca' Lojera | Lombardy

Ca' Lojera | Lombardy

It is said that in those times when Lake Garda and the small Frassino lake were connected by a network of canals, ships came from the north with black marketeers who used the houses on the edge of the shore as warehouses and hiding places for their contraband. It is evoked that those hiding places were guarded by wolves - the Cà Lojera winery of the Tiraboschi family is accordingly called 'House of the Wolves'. Only grapes from their own 14 hectares of vineyards are pressed. White grapes for the Lugana grow in the plain on compact clayey soil, the reds for the Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon on the slopes.

Franco Tiraboschi is in charge of the estate and the wine, and his wife Ambra welcomes guests interested in wine to visit the cellar, which is partially under the water level of the lake. The daughter Alessandra takes care of the sales point in San Benedetto. On average, 120,000 bottles are bottled per year, which are sold domestically through restaurants, Enothek and wine bars. A good proportion also goes abroad. Of particular quality are the wines of Monte della Guardia - red wines from hillside, Garda doc Merlot, Garda doc Cabernet Sauvignon, Garda Doc Chardonnay from old vines - but above all Lugana annual wines - Lugana Ca Lojera, Lugana Vigna Silva Riserva refined in barrique and Lugana Superiore fermented in 25 hl wooden barrels with batonnage. - Gerardo [TS01/23]

"Ambra and Franco Tiraboschi love the country life, but even more the Lugana wine, to which they devote all their energy. Quite a few years ago they took over a pretty estate in Sirmione, built a state-of-the-art winery and over time added 18 hectares of vines. Landscape and wine care is the categorical imperative of the couple, and this is evident in their selections, where they take all the time in the world with the maturation. They can afford to do so, after the Lugana here once again proves its endurance." - Gambero Rosso

"Ambra and Franco Tiraboschi founded the Ca'Lojera winery in Sirmione on Lake Garda in 1992. In addition to tradition, landscape and timeliness, the key words to describe the wines of Ca'Lojera are eternal youth and elegant ability to age. The winery vinifies its own grapes, 18 hectares of Turbiana in Sirmione on white clay that was once the bed of the lake, and two hectares in the morainic hills dedicated to Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet. The flagship of Ca'Lojera is the Lugana Riserva del Lupo." - Falstaff

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´Monte della Guardia´ · Cabernet 2019, Ca' Lojera, Lombardei

Monte della Guardia · Cabernet 2019

Ca' Lojera, Lombardy

This single varietal Cabernet Sauvignon takes its name from the sunny moraine hill south of Lake Garda where the grapes are grown. Ruby red color with violet reflections. Open, delicate and herbaceous aromas. Fresh, green notes dominate in youth, softening with time. - Gerardo [TS01/20]

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´Monte della Guardia´ · Merlot 2019, Ca' Lojera, Lombardei

Monte della Guardia · Merlot 2019

Ca' Lojera, Lombardy

Pure varietal Merlot named after the sunny morainic hill south of Lake Garda where the grapes are grown. Ruby garnet color, rich and complex aroma with notes of cloves and cinnamon. Already at a young age it has a great personality that develops positively over several years. - Gerardo [TS01/20]

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Lugana DOC 2022, Ca' Lojera, Lombardei

Lugana DOC 2022

Ca' Lojera, Lombardy

Balanced traditional Lugana of the Tiraboschi family: fruity and pleasant floral bouquet, rich and balanced on the palate. Restrained acidity, delicate melting and fruit sweetness skillfully round off this Lugana. This white wine is marketed only after a two-month bottle aging. It reaches its full maturity after another year. Recommended as an aperitif, with all appetizers and fish dishes. - Gerardo [TS01/23]

"Among the best of its kind is also the simple Lugana, a vital fresh full of meat and fruit, nervous and tremendously drinkable." - Gambero Rosso

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Lugana Superiore DOC 2018, Ca' Lojera, Lombardei
Lugana Superiore DOC 2018

Ca' Lojera, Lombardy

The Lugana Superiore is based on grapes from older, low-yield vineyards of very high quality. These are harvested by hand in a second harvest and the must is aged in oak barrels. It is an intense, full-bodied and persistent Lugana, mature and designed for longevity. - Gerardo [TS01/19]

"Pale straw yellow. The nose has notes of pineapple, citrus, anise and toasted almonds with iodine mineral nuances slightly smoky. Rich, juicy and mineral on the palate. Long, persistent finish." - Falstaff

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´Riserva del Lupo´ · Lugana Riserva DOC 2018, Ca' Lojera, Lombardei
Riserva del Lupo · Lugana Riserva DOC 2018

Ca' Lojera, Lombardy

The harvest of the grapes for Lugana Riserva del Lupo takes place between late October and early November. During this time, some noble rot has already formed on the grapes, which transfers the minerality of the soils around the winery into the wine.

The aging of this high quality Lugana takes place for two years in stainless steel tanks and another six months in bottle. Ca' Lojera's aging cellar is located below sea level and naturally maintains a constant ambient temperature.

A sophisticated Lugana Riserva with wide bouquet and expansive flavor, ideal companion for sophisticated food (and palate). - Gerardo [TS01/19]

"Bright golden yellow. On the nose distinct notes of apricot and tea. The palate reveals fruity notes and a slight hint of hazelnut, with good structure and nice acidity." - Falstaff

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