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Welcome to our new wine blog. As our regular customers and readers already know, we operated in the past a printed house newspaper as well as already a wine blog on the website of the Italian wine depot. After our move from Garmisch-Partenkirchen to the rural area near the Staffelsee - we finally find the time again to report about wine from Italy. At the moment we are still in the middle of the preparations, so it may take some time until there are more new wine reports to read here. We therefore ask for a little patience and would like to explain here a little more precisely what a wine blog is.

The term blog is an abbreviated version of weblog. Which in turn is a cross between web (for Internet) and log (for logbook). Such a blog is a kind of diary, which is kept on a website and is publicly viewable for interested readers. The free encyclopedia Wikipedia also knows more about blogs:

Often, a blog is a chronologically downward sorted list of entries that is broken up at specific intervals. The blogger is the main author of the content, and often the posts are written from a first-person perspective. The blog forms a medium for presenting aspects of one's own life and opinions on specific topics, depending on professionalism to the point of being close to an Internet newspaper with particular emphasis on comments.

Since this is a wine blog, it seems superfluous to explain this term further. But we will take a moment to establish the context. After the beverage wine successfully arrived in Web 2.0 several years ago, it didn't take long for wine blogs to spring up like mushrooms. They offer a new communication platform that bypasses the classic print media. This has cost-technical advantages on the one hand and on the other hand also enables hobbyists and amateurs to report about wine at any time and anywhere in the world. After long centuries wine was only drunk, in the past decades the Sommellier language as well as the wine marketing were added.

Recently, however, there has also been well-founded writing about wine and eager discussion. Some of these wine blogs have established themselves in the meantime and some are profit-oriented, others are pure passion until today (e.g. Weinspion, Drunken Monday, Würtz-Wein etc.). This is a relatively new aspect which, of course, has been discussed in the real world as well as in various professional magazines like (e.g. Vinum, Meiningers Weinwelt, Merum etc.) has already been taking place for years - but is now becoming more and more accessible to people outside the publishing industry. Of course, one can argue about the professionalism of the texts, research, and the expertise of the authors - but this is less about an evaluation than about the observation that the topic of wine is becoming more accessible and is not reserved for elite circles. Despite an opening of the markets, we are experiencing a long overdue opening of opinions in the wine sector through the Internet.

I would like to take you on a text journey across the regions of Italy, from Aosta Valley to Sicily. And on a wine journey from Amarone to Zibbibio on which we will discuss the very cultural beverage that has accompanied and occupied us for 40 years now.

Cordiali Saluti
- Tobias Strunz

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