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Freisa is a black-skinned grape variety native to the Piedmont wine region in northwestern Italy. It is used to make red wines of various styles, from sweet and still to dry and sparkling (both frizzante and spumante). Those who like both the sweet, strawberry-scented Brachetto and the tannic, buoyant Nebbiolo probably make up the mainstay of the Freisa fan base and can rightly call themselves true Piedmont wine lovers.

Although less common today than other Piedmont grape varieties such as red Barbera or white Moscato Bianco, Freisa was very popular in the late 19th century, when it was most widely grown in the province of Turin. The wine, essentially named after the grape, has aromas and flavors that are haunting, complex and lively, often evoking the characteristics of the thorny aggregate fruit, ranging from sweet to sour with an attractive bitter note.

It is made in a variety of styles, from sweet to dry, still to frizzante and spumante, and sommeliers are drawn to its profound swirl of berry aromas, spice and earth, crisp freshness and flavors of sour cherries. Freisa has a delicious acidity and a strong tannin content, both of which contribute to its aging ability. It is a wine whose profile adapts perfectly to the modern palate and goes well with a wide variety of dishes. - Gerardo

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