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Greco: a journey through the flavors of southern Italy
The Greco grape variety, named after its Greek origin, is a true treasure of the southern Italian wine world. With its elegant aromas and rich history, Greco is capturing the hearts of wine lovers worldwide.

The growing region and terroir
Greco mainly thrives in the picturesque vineyards of southern Italy, particularly in the Campania and Calabria regions. The Mediterranean climate, the calcareous soils and the hilly landscape provide ideal conditions for the growth and ripening of the grapes. The warm days and cool nights give the wines a remarkable freshness and balance.

Character and taste
The wines made from the Greco grape are characterized by their fruity aromas and lively acidity. With notes of citrus fruits, white flowers and a subtle minerality, they offer a unique taste experience. The wines are lively and refreshing, perfect for warm summer evenings or as an accompaniment to light dishes.

Use in cuveés
Greco is often used in cuveés to increase the complexity and depth of the wines. Ageing in wooden barrels gives the wines additional structure and nuances of vanilla and toast. However, Greco always retains its characteristic freshness and fruitiness, making it a versatile and fascinating wine.

The history of the Greco grape dates back to ancient times and is closely linked to Greek culture. Centuries ago, Greco was already cultivated in the region and prized for its outstanding quality. Today, Greco is one of the best-known and most respected grape varieties in southern Italy and a symbol of the tradition and innovation of local wine production.

Food recommendations
The lively acidity and fruity aroma of Greco wines make them ideal accompaniments for a wide range of dishes. They harmonize particularly well with seafood, fish dishes, salads and light starters. Their refreshing and balanced structure also makes them a perfect aperitif or accompaniment to Mediterranean starters.

Greco wines are not only a delight for the palate, but also a tribute to the rich wine tradition of southern Italy. Their diversity, elegance and history make them an indispensable part of the Italian wine world. Discover the magic of Greco and let yourself be seduced by its aromas! - Gerardo [TS03/24]

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