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Grillo: The discovery of Sicily in the world of wine
In the exciting world of wine, there is a grape variety that has gained increasing importance in recent years and fascinates wine lovers worldwide: Grillo. This unique grape variety originated in Sicily, Italy, and produces wines that delight with their uniqueness and versatility.

The origin of Grillo
Grillo is an autochthonous grape variety native to Sicily. It is often referred to as 'the grape variety of sunny Sicily'. This grape is known for its adaptability to the hot and dry conditions of the island and has become one of the most important grape varieties of the region in recent decades.

Soil characteristics and growing areas
Grillo grapes thrive best in the calcareous and sandy soils of Sicily. The unique combination of volcanic soil and Mediterranean climate gives the grapes their characteristic flavor. The most important growing areas for Grillo in Italy are the regions around Marsala, Trapani and Agrigento. Here the vine thrives particularly well and produces wines of the highest quality.

Taste of the wines
Grillo wines are known for their refreshing and fruity taste. They have excellent acidity, which makes them ideal companions for seafood and fish dishes. Aromas range from citrus to exotic fruits, and flavors can vary from light and floral to full and complex. Some Grillo wines are also aged in barrique, which adds depth and complexity. The Grillo grape variety has become a real insider's tip for wine lovers looking for something new and exciting. With its roots in Sicily and its refreshing elegance, Grillo deserves to find a place in your wine cellar. - Gerardo [TS10/23]

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