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Wow - a separate section about the technical background of our store solution, that's unusual, nerdy and completely superfluous? You might think so, if our store wasn't a proprietary development that I've been supporting for 20 years now. I try to express it figuratively: If a pilot is already so crazy to build the race car himself, with which he wants to race later, then this is already worth the one or other article!

In this section, we will discuss the individual modules that make up our online store and why we chose this solution over others. I would like to try to illuminate all aspects and also point out numerous pitfalls and stumbling blocks, in addition to some tips from the store operator practice. It is particularly important for me to mention that we were and still are a small, family-run wine shop. Originally, the idea to do everything ourselves was simply born out of necessity, as the necessary financial resources for big leaps were simply not available.

If you're already bored, I recommend typing a search term like Lugana, Chianti or Lagrein into the search above instead. The remaining readers can expect a bumpy 20-year rally across the worlds of the Internet, marketing and programming languages.

It all began one beautiful summer evening in 1998, when at the tender age of 18 I was staying with my father in San Benedetto del Tronto (Marche, Italy). He was having dinner with business partners and I was having fun in one of the local gambling halls. On my way back to the hotel I had a Budweiser (wine was not my cup of tea at that time) and my eyes fell on a street kiosk. It had numerous newspapers and magazines on display, including an Italian technology magazine from a completely unknown publisher. On the cover of the issue, which cost 13,000 lire at the time, the following words were emblazoned: 'Il Tutorial Negozio Online'.

Already a technophile at that time (you can do better than that) I didn't buy the edition, of course, but the idea still hasn't left me until today. So my story began on an old laptop, with nothing but a free text editor in the luggage... - Tobias

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