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Sure, it won't win any beauty awards, our new pickup box, but it's safe and immensely practical, and yes, it's adorable in a way.

The need
In the past, our customers have often asked us to provide pre-ordered goods outside of opening hours. For example, some customers use their return trip from a vacation in Italy as a stopover to shop at the wine depot. It's just stupid when the return trip falls on a Sunday evening. This is why the idea of the pick-up box was born, to offer our customers a kind of locker where they can pick up their wine 24 hours a day.

The solution
The pick-up box is a secure steel mesh box located outside the Italian wine depot. The box has a hinged lid and is locked with a combination lock, which can hold anything from a small shopping bag to a dozen cases of wine. With our new pick-up box, you can securely pick up your pre-ordered merchandise outside of our business hours.

Pre-order first...
To do so, simply place your order through the online store and select the 'pick up yourself' option. Also note that you would like to use the pick-up box and the approximate date of pick-up. You will then receive an e-mail with the order documents and a code for the combination lock. Shortly before the collection date, we will lock the goods and the documents in the collection box.

...then pick up at any time
If you pick up during our opening hours, we will of course help you load the goods. If you come outside our opening hours, you have to take the initiative yourself:

Park directly in front of the main entrance, right next to the pick-up box (don't be alarmed when the night light turns on automatically). Then enter the numerical code from the order email into the lock and open it. Now take out the order and load it into the trunk (that's why it makes sense to park right next to the box). Finally, close the box and set a random numerical code (you can find detailed instructions next to the box).

Of course, we all prefer to do our shopping in person or have our goods conveniently delivered to our homes. However, our nice pick-up box completes our service offer and allows our customers to pick up their goods around the clock, even on weekends and in the middle of the night. - Tobias [TS05/23]

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