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Lagrein Riserva | Classic

Lagrein Riserva is made from the Lagrein grape variety of the same name, which is indigenous to South Tyrol. In the process, this autochthonous red grape variety always produces powerful, dark red wines full of character. For more than 100 years, this grape variety has been cultivated around the Bolzano district of Gries; in recent decades, sites in the eastern valley of Bolzano as well as Auer near Montan have also attracted attention with good Lagrein qualities.

A Lagrein receives the label 'Riserva' after two years of aging, of which at least 12 months in barrique barrels. Notable vineyards, wines and producers include Lagrein Riserva Taber from the Cantina Bolzano, Lagrein Riserva Porphyr from Cantina Terlan, Lagrein Abbey Riserva from the Klosterkellerei Muri-Gries and Lagrein Riserva from Pfannenstielhof. - Gerardo [TS8/23]

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