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Magnum & Litre Bottles | Big Sizes!

Magnum & Litre Bottles | Big Sizes!

Magnum bottles are bottles with a capacity of 1.5 liters, that is, two standard bottles of 0.75 liters. We also carry magnum bottles of 1 liter and double magnum of 3 liters (or four 0.75-liter bottles) volume. Are you planning a larger celebration or want to stock up on your favorite wine? Then a magnum or double magnum bottle is the right choice for you.

However, the XXL bottles not only make a great visual impression. The size of the bottle brings another advantage: since it is almost like a small barrel, the wine can mature harmoniously and in a balanced way in it. The large bottles contribute to a slower aging process and protect the wine from light and temperature fluctuations.

Only the best vintages are filled and corked by hand by winemakers in magnum bottles. This makes magnum wines particularly high-quality and an eye-catcher on the table to boot. A magnum bottle is also great as a gift - for special occasions we have bottles packed in fine wooden boxes ready for you. You will find a wide selection of sparkling wines and exquisite red and white DOC and IGT wines in magnum bottles. - Gerardo [TS07/22]

Magnum | Litre Bottles
Litre Bottles | 1.0 L
Magnum White Wine | 1.5 L Magnum Red Wine | 1.5 L
Magnum Sparkling | 1.5 L Double Magnum Bottles | 3.0 L