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Italian Sweet Wine

Italian Sweet Wine

Sweet wines or dessert wines are traditionally served with dessert - for example with cake, cream or ice cream. However, they taste just as good with cheese or neat as an aperitif. They are full-bodied, sweet wines with an oily, rich consistency. According to EU regulations, wines with a sugar content of 45 grams or more are sweet wines.

They are produced either by drying or fermenting the grapes, and drying can be done either directly on the vine or spread out on racks. Rosinization of the grapes has the effect of concentrating the sugar of the grape in the kernel and making the wine sweeter. For example, in the production of Tuscan Vin Santo, the grapes are dried for a long time directly under the vintner's attic.

In addition to Vin Santo, you will find a wide selection of sweet drops from South Tyrol, Tuscany, Veneto and other regions of Italy. Also a Lambrusco or Moscato d' Asti from Piedmont will sweeten your evening.

It is recommended to enjoy sweet wines at a temperature of 8 degrees, either from a dessert wine glass specially designed for this purpose or a wine glass. Sipped, they caress the palate and, together with the dessert, conclude the evening. - Gerardo [TS07/22]

"Most sweet wines are made from grapes that hang on the vine for a long time and can therefore accumulate more sugar. More effort is required to pick ripe grapes and dry them before pressing - by spreading them out either in the sun or on racks in an airy place. This raisining removes water from the grapes and concentrates their sugar content." - Max Allen (The Magic of Wine)

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