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Biancolella | Grape variety

Biancolella | Grape variety

The white grape variety Biancolella is grown mainly in Campania and on the island of Ischia, where the white wines made from it are among the best. The grape variety gives the white wines from the island of Ischia, together with the grape variety Forastera, their particular character. - Gerardo

Ischia Biancolella DOC 2022, Casa D'Ambra, Kampanien

Ischia Biancolella DOC 2022

Casa D'Ambra, Campania

Made from the native grape variety Biancolella, this white wine has an inviting straw yellow color, the bouquet recalls exotic fruits and wild flowers. Dry and full-bodied on the palate, animating flavor with a slight almond note. An authentic representative of the wine world of Ischia. - Gerardo [TS06/23]

"... the genuine, independent Ischia Biancolella" - Gambero Rosso

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