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Sauvignon | Grape variety

Sauvignon | Grape variety

The originally French grape variety Sauvignon Blanc is also extremely popular in Italy: Sauvignon Blanc provides the basis for characterful and aromatic, dry white wines of the world. The grapes are also in great demand as a component of cuvées, they give any wine additional strength and spice.

Also Sauvignon Bianco from Italy surprises in recent decades and enjoys increasing popularity. The area under cultivation has increased dramatically in the last decade alone, another indication that wine drinkers recognize and appreciate the grape variety's potential. The unmistakable characteristic of this grape variety is the highly aromatic and exceedingly powerful aroma of gooseberries, herbs, grasses and green fruits. Worth mentioning also the typical mineral tone and the supporting acid structure. Due to its structure, this wine is excellent with fish dishes and seafood, as well as asparagus and pasta with cream sauces. In Italy, Sauvignon Blanc produces excellent wines, especially in the northeast, and the examples from Friuli and South Tyrol, with their fine fruity character, are particularly worthy of recommendation. - Gerardo

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