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Blog: Planeta


Planeta: This name is synonymous with Sicily and Sicilian wine. But it also represents a journey through the island that begins in the west in the province of Agrigento, near Sambuco and Menfi, and heads southeast first to the provinces of Ragusa and Syracuse, and finally northeast to the province of Catania on Mount Etna.

The adventure of the three young Sicilian wine lovers Alessio, Francesca and Santi Planeta began in the mid-1980s in the Campagna of Sambuca, in the province of Agrigento - more precisely in Contrada Ulmo against the backdrop of Lake Arancio - with the first vineyards and the first winery. Today there are dozens of hectares of vineyards with an ancient stone building, called the Baglio, as the center of operations.

In Contrada Dispensa, in the hinterland of Menfi, are the other vineyard and the two wineries. In a sense, a real experimental station, since it was here, towards the end of the 90s, that the Planetas thought up the possibilities of international varieties and started a whole series of experiments.

Further south, already in the province of Ragusa, near Vittoria, is the Dorilli winery. From the 28 hectares planted so far comes the Cerasuolo di Vittoria, the first DOCG wine of Planeta. An old farmhouse provides the setting for the brand new winery.

Founding Year1995
OwnerFracesca and Alessio Planeta
OenologistFrancesca, Alessio and Santi Planeta
Annual Production2.200.000
Vineyard Area (Hectare)390
Additional Purchaseno

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´Plumbago´ · Sicilia Nero d'Avola DOC 2019, Planeta, Sizilien

Plumbago · Sicilia Nero d'Avola DOC 2019, Planeta

Planeta, Sicily
€ 10,95
13,32 €/L
Etna Rosso DOC 2021, Planeta, Sizilien

Etna Rosso DOC 2021, Planeta

Planeta, Sicily
€ 16,95
22,60 €/L
´La Segreta´ · Il Bianco IGT 2021, Planeta, Sizilien

La Segreta · Il Bianco IGT 2021, Planeta

Planeta, Sicily
€ 7,95 jetzt € 7,39
9,85 €/L
Chardonnay Sicilia Menfi DOC 2021, Planeta, Sizilien

Chardonnay Sicilia Menfi DOC 2021, Planeta

Planeta, Sicily
€ 24,95
33,27 €/L
Olivenöl Extra Vergine Sicilia Tradizionale IGP 2022, Planeta, Sizilien

Olivenöl Extra Vergine Sicilia Tradizionale IGP 2022 (Bio), Planeta

Planeta, Sicily
€ 13,95
27,90 €/L
´Maroccoli´ · Syrah Sicilia Menfi DOC 2018, Planeta, Sizilien

Maroccoli · Syrah Sicilia Menfi DOC 2018, Planeta

Planeta, Sicily
€ 19,95 jetzt € 18,99
25,32 €/L