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Cantina la Salute | Veneto

The history of Cantina la Salute began in the 1950s, when agriculture in Italy, especially in the Treviso region, was still made up of small family farms and large companies under the so-called half-lease system. In 1969 the cellar cooperative 'La Salute' was founded by eleven winegrowing families to escape the then prevailing trade dictates and price speculation.

The name and trademark of the winery derive from the powerful dome of the Cathedral of Santa Maria della Salute, located in Venice. Built by Baldassare Longhena at the end of the 17th century, this basilica was built after the severe plague and represents cohesion and rebirth. Currently, the two experienced and dedicated oenologists Antonio Cocca and Dr. Luciano Cescon are in charge of the production, which is fed by the grapes of 24 small growers. The grape material comes from a total of 80 hectares in the Piave river plain, which flows into the Gulf of Venice.

The Piave River is of fundamental importance for the viticulture of the region: the river moderates the climate in winter as well as in summer and provides valuable river gravel and alluvial soils whose mineral originates from the Alps. This gives rise to distinctive and regional differences which contribute significantly to the character of the wines. In fact, the reason for Cantina la Salute's great success lies with winemaker Antonio Cocca and his team. The young and dynamic team makes the difference to many other producers of the area, who have focused only on the typical wines of the Veneto. - Gerardo [TS09/22]

´Arner´ · Cabernet Sauvignon Marca Trevigiana IGT 2020, Cantina la Salute, Venetien

Arner · Cabernet Sauvignon Marca Trevigiana IGT 2020

Cantina la Salute, Veneto

Medium-bodied Cabernet of northern Italian cut: In the aroma of Cabernet Sauvignon Arner delicate notes of freshly cut grass mix with the aroma of wild berries. This wine is well suited to steak and other meat dishes. - Gerardo [TS09/21]

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