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Pratello | Lombardy

Pratello | Lombardy

Vincenzo Bertola loves very much to talk about his company and his wines. He is undoubtedly driven by an ambition: to make Pratello a house of high rank, to be able to offer a sip of Garda in every bottle, but also to refute seemingly obvious things and clichés, relying on rather unusual grape varieties and complex wines that often want to go beyond the regional characteristics and offer themselves as an alternative to the more traditional typical. To organize the new vineyard, Vincenzo Bertola has placed a high priority on science-based agriculture. - Gerardo

"The quality is produced on the land. We first tried to understand where we are and adapt the choice of grape varieties to the soil and climatic conditions of our farm All this has evolved through a continuous dialogue with experts in the field and especially with my father Dante, who founded the company and is still by my side: the true agronomic soul of Pratello is him." - Vincenzo Bertola

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