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Blog: Bardolino


Bardolino has long been known as one of Italy's most pleasant and uncomplicated red wines. It certainly has a very hard time with the demanding and brand-conscious consumer, who associates it with a more or less well-made 'pizza wine' from supermarkets. Even in the fifties and sixties, it was still one of the most imitated wines in Italy, until it was finally placed under DOC protection in 1968.

Bardolino from Zypress Hills
However, anyone who approaches Bianca Osele's (Colli di Cipressi) wine with the generally accepted image of Bardolino will have to correct their view immediately. Osele's wine is anything but undemanding, simple or even poorly made. It shows that even in a Bardolino there can be a potential worth discovering. Although it has stood out from the crowd for a long time, Signora Osele has continued to improve her wine in recent years, consolidating her reputation as the producer of probably the best Bardolino.

The goal was achieved by abandoning the mass production of the past. Signora Osele harvests only 2-3 kg of grapes per vine, a quantity that produces a valuable must, the prerequisite for a high quality wine. Healthy grapes require less treatment in the vineyard against harmful influences. It is also important not to subject the must to too much treatment in the cellar.

The Bardolino Classico Superiore has one year of barrel aging and another year of bottle aging. The final product is something to be proud of. A red wine that one would not expect under this name, it has reached a class that one would rather assign to Friuli. Oseles Bardolino has a bright ruby red with purple tint and cherry reflections, tending to garnet red; fragrant delicate aroma; lively, smoky-peppery, dry taste. - Gerardo


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