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Kalterer See Auslese is a red wine from the northern part of Italy, from the region of South Tyrol. The wine is particularly known for its high quality grapes, which are carefully selected to guarantee above average quality.

Wines from this region are often compared to those from Germany, as they have a similar acid structure and a rich, fruity note. However, Kalterer See Auslese is characterized by a particular fruitiness made possible by the warm, sunny days and cool nights in the region.

The color of the wine is bright ruby red and it gives off a pleasant aroma of ripe red fruits, accented by some almond aroma. On the palate, the wine is dry and fruity, with a fine acidity that gives it a good structure.

Kalterer See Auslese is excellent with breads, cold appetizers and light meat dishes. However, it is also a good companion to dishes with fish or poultry.

Overall, Kalterer See Auslese is a high-quality red wine that will delight you with its excellent quality and unique taste. If you are a fan of light red wines, this wine is an absolute must for you. - Gerardo [TS02/23]

Kalterersee, produced according to the strict rules of the Kalterersee Charter - that sounds interesting, you think? You can recognize these special wines by the capsule; it is embossed and printed with the newly created quality seal. It indicates the vintage and notes 'Kalterersee D.O.C.'. Every year, a carefully selected jury will evaluate the submitted wines in a blind tasting and award the quality seal. Or not. These decisions are considered incontestable. A good portion of courage is required to voluntarily submit to the charter.

Describing wine is like describing music: A hopeless endeavor. But what else can we do but try? Well then. According to the provisions of the charter, Kalterersee is bright light to strong ruby red in color, has fruity fresh aromas with notes of cherries and raspberries, bitter almond and violet tones, and a harmoniously mild, dry velvety structure with soft tannins and pleasant acidity. It is stimulating and inviting - a wine for light, uncomplicated, convivial enjoyment - at any time of day and for any occasion.

First mentioned in writing at the end of the Middle Ages, Vernatsch (from Latin vernaculus for 'native') is referred to as Farnatzer or Vernetzer. From the 16th century it plays a central role in South Tyrolean viticulture. Different varieties of the variety are cultivated, such as the gray, large, medium or Tschaggele-Vernatsch. The traditional method, 'the pergola', proves to be the ideal cultivation method. The Vernatsch grape has relatively large berries with thin skin, which makes it interesting as a table grape. Vernatsch plays a dominant role in South Tyrol. Just under 30 percent of the total cultivated area is currently planted with Vernatsch. Vernatsch is also found in individual locations in Trentino and is called Schiava there.

The landscape around Lake Kaltern. Point of reference, pole of rest, symbol of fertility and joie de vivre - and not least namesake for a wine that leaves no one untouched. It has shaped, accompanied and nourished the village and its people for centuries. And in some unobserved moments developed a life of its own, which was first observed with joyful amazement and then with growing concern. But what has grown, over so many years, that remains, even if it seems briefly forgotten. The search for the identity of the wine village of Kaltern am See ended at the turn of the millennium with a clear answer: it is Lake Kaltern. Unmistakable: This is a wine region. So why Kaltern in particular? Answer: Because it is Kaltern on the lake! Because here mountain and lake are neighbors, because here old and new wine architecture cause a sensation, because here white wine and red wine are available. Because here it is 'Just like the south, only in the north!" - wein.kaltern

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´Leuchtenberg´ · Kalterersee Classico Superiore DOC 2022, Kellerei Kaltern, Südtirol

Leuchtenberg · Kalterersee Classico Superiore DOC 2022, Kellerei Kaltern

Kellerei Kaltern, South Tyrol
€ 10,95
14,60 €/L
Kalterer See Classico Superiore DOC 2022, Kellerei Kaltern, Südtirol

Kalterer See Classico Superiore DOC 2022, Kellerei Kaltern

Kellerei Kaltern, South Tyrol
€ 9,25
12,33 €/L
Kalterersee Classico Superiore DOC 2022, Kellerei Tramin, Südtirol

Kalterersee Classico Superiore DOC 2022, Kellerei Tramin

Kellerei Tramin, South Tyrol
€ 9,50
12,67 €/L
Kalterersee Auslese Classico DOC 2022, Schreckbichl, Südtirol

Kalterersee Auslese Classico DOC 2022, Schreckbichl

Schreckbichl, South Tyrol
€ 9,50
12,67 €/L
Kalterersee Auslese DOC 2022, Muri Gries, Südtirol

Kalterersee Auslese DOC 2022, Muri Gries

Muri Gries, South Tyrol
€ 9,75
13,00 €/L