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Falanghina is an ancient Italian white wine grape, said to be of Greek origin. It is also said that Falanghina is the grape variety of Falernian, the most famous wine of Roman antiquity, which was the inspiration for Falerno del Massico. Since the turn of the century, there has been a resurgence of interest in the Falanghina grape, and a movement to restore the reputation of this once revered varietal.

Most Falanghina vines are grown in Campania, in southern Italy. The vines thrive in the porous volcanic soils around Mount Vesuvius and in the warm Mediterranean climate. The berries have a yellow skin and are covered with a thin layer of protective wax. As a wine, Falanghina can smell faintly of pine, but is better known for its aromas of citrus and flowers, especially bitter orange. On the palate, it shows classic apple and pear aromas with spicy or mineral notes, depending on the growing area.

Although Falanghina is becoming more and more fashionable, it is still hardly grown outside Campania. In Puglia and Abruzzo there is a little, but no international production yet. Falanghina is often blended with other indigenous varieties or produced as a sweet passito, but single varietal expressions of this interesting grape are also becoming more popular. There are at least two sub-varieties, Falanghina Flegrea and Falanghina Beneventana, which differ slightly in their organoleptic characteristics. However, these are often blended together and referred to as general Falanghina. The best known growing areas are north of Naples. See Falerno del Massico and Sannio. - Gerardo [TS06/23]


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Falanghina Campania DOC 2022, Casa D'Ambra

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