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Frappato is a red grape variety with a light flavor that originates from the dry areas of Sicily and grows mainly on the southeastern coast of Sicily. Like many other Sicilian grape varieties, the Frappato grape has great historical importance, which is reflected in its popularity and fame in Italian winemaking. Wines made from the Frappato grape are cherry red in color, aromatic and low in tannins, and are a great drink.

Even better, however, is the blended wine category, where the grape really shines. Sicilian grape varieties have long proven to be excellent blends. Frappato wines are characterized by their intense aromas: This is due to their high content of terpenes, norisoprenoids and benzoids, three classes of aromatic compounds. However, the specific aromatic characteristics depend on the biotype used, while maintaining the essential character of the grape variety: the freshness of the red fruit. - Gerardo

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´Bell' Assai´ · Frappato di Vittoria DOC 2019, Donnafugata, Sizilien

Bell' Assai · Frappato di Vittoria DOC 2019, Donnafugata

Donnafugata, Sicily
€ 15,50 jetzt € 14,99
19,99 €/L
Frappato Sicilia Vittoria DOC 2020, Planeta, Sizilien

Frappato Sicilia Vittoria DOC 2020, Planeta

Planeta, Sicily
€ 10,95
14,60 €/L