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Winemaker Sergio Mottura is considered a pioneer in the field of rediscovered grape varieties. He dedicates his entire life to research using traditional techniques and modern technologies to reanimate and optimize the most promising local grape varieties. After extensive studies of DNA, viticulture as well as winemaking itself, he recognized the potential of a very specific grape: grechetto.

'Latour a Civitella' is Sergio Mottura's single varietal white wine made from the aforementioned grape and is fermented and aged in French barriques. The Grechetto 'Latour a Civitella' was first bottled in 1994 and owes its name to Louis Fabrice Latour, who advised Sergio Mottura to age one of his Grechetto wines in barriques. This storable Grechetto is the flagship of the company and was the first white wine of Lazio which received the highest award of '3 glasses' from the wine guide Gambero Rosso / Slow Food 'Guida ai Vini d'Italia.

The winery of Sergio Mottura belongs politically to the region of Lazio, but his vineyards are geographically already in Umbria - the home of the Grechetto vine. This autochthonous grape variety was cultivated and vinified separately after in-depth studies and produces high-quality as well as storable white wines. Careful hand harvesting and cellar techniques refined over the years allow us to get the most out of this grape variety. In this process, the Mottura's were significantly supported by the oenologist Giandomenico Negro. Sergio Mottura currently produces three single varietal Grechetto white wines: The famous Latour a Civitella, the steel tank aged Poggio della Costa, and the sweet dessert wine Muffo. - Gerardo

"Sergio Mottura's bottles are among the best that the wine country Italy currently has to offer. They spring from a therapy close to nature, which Sergio practices on the hills around Civitella d'Agliano. Here, long before the whites became fashionable drinks, the appropriate varieties were cultivated. To improve the situation, Sergio naturally has a few of his winemaking tricks up his sleeve, such as low stock yields, the highest level of attention in the cellar, respect for the peculiarities of terroir and vine, and continuous selection of the vintage." - Gambero Rosso


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