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Nuragus di Cagliari: A Mediterranean jewel of Sardinian wine culture
The Sardinian grape variety Nuragus di Cagliari is a remarkable variety closely linked to the city of the same name, Cagliari. With its unique characteristics and characteristic Mediterranean flair, it has become a jewel of Sardinian wine culture.

Growing area and conditions
Nuragus di Cagliari is grown mainly along the sun-drenched southern coast of Sardinia. The region offers ideal conditions with a Mediterranean climate and calcareous soils. The vines benefit from the warm hours of sunshine and cooling sea breezes, which give them the perfect environment to ripen.

Characteristics of the grape variety
The robust vines of Nuragus di Cagliari brave the challenging conditions to produce medium-sized, yellow-green grapes. The wines obtained from these grapes are characterized by their lively acidity and freshness. With their low alcohol content and refreshing nature, they are an excellent choice for wine lovers who appreciate subtle and elegant wines.

Taste Profile
Nuragus di Cagliari reveals on the palate a harmonious combination of dryness, freshness and subtle aromas. The wine presents a pleasant acidity, perfectly balanced, giving a lively lightness to the palate. Fruity nuances of citrus and green apples are also perceptible, giving the wine a certain refinement. This flavor profile makes it an ideal companion for seafood, fish dishes and Mediterranean delicacies.

Tradition and Significance
Nuragus di Cagliari has a long tradition and is closely linked to Sardinian wine culture. The grape variety reflects the essence and character of the island. Its light and refreshing style is a hallmark of Sardinian wine production. Wine lovers around the world appreciate the subtle elegance and unique characteristics of this wine.

Nuragus di Cagliari is undoubtedly a Mediterranean jewel of Sardinian wine culture. With its particular growing conditions and unique flavor profile, this wine offers an incomparable sensory experience. If you have the opportunity to taste this wine, be enchanted by its lively acidity and refreshing nature. Immerse yourself in the rich tradition of Sardinia and discover the fascination of Nuragus di Cagliari. - Gerardo [TS07/23]

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