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The Italian Wine Depot offers you as a customer the legally required option of ordering in our online store as a guest. No customer account is created and we only process your personal data to process the current order. Ordering as a guest is therefore data-saving and also offers the greatest convenience in terms of data protection. I would like to go into a few important points below:

No customer account - The most important point first: If you order as a guest, no customer account will be created for you and your personal data will only be stored temporarily and for processing the current order. However, this also means that you will not be able to log in to your customer account like a regular customer at a later date, which is at the expense of convenience for subsequent orders.

No shipment tracking - In order to comply with all data protection regulations, your e-mail address will not be sent to DHL when you place a guest order. However, this also means that you will not be able to receive shipment tracking or delivery notifications from DHL.

No newsletter - Due to an existing legal regulation, we may occasionally send our regular customers a newsletter with advertising content. In the case of a guest order, you will not receive this.

Restricted payment methods - The payment methods for guest orders are limited to a few. In addition, you cannot change your payment method at a later date, nor can you switch from prepayment to invoice for a subsequent purchase, for example.

If you decide to create a customer account (you do this by not checking the Guest order box), a customer account will be created. This will allow you to receive shipment tracking, log in quickly and without re-entering your details for subsequent purchases, receive occasional newsletters and access all payment methods.

Whatever you decide, your data is in good hands with us. Even customer accounts are deleted by us after a period of inactivity and we only pass on your data for the purpose of order processing and only to absolutely necessary third parties (such as our DHL shipping service provider).

You can also convert your account into a guest account for a subsequent order and vice versa. To do this, log in again as a new customer and do not check the Guest order box. If you already have an account, log in and edit the corresponding item in your account details. - Tobias [TS01/24]

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