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The advantages of sending goods in smaller packages: Easier handling and lighter weight for deliverers and customers.

Shipping goods plays a central role in today's digital era. Both companies and customers are constantly looking for more efficient and convenient shipping solutions. One way to achieve these goals is to ship goods in smaller packages. In this blog article, we will highlight the benefits of this practice, focusing specifically on the easier handling and lighter weight for both deliverers and customers.

Easier handling for deliverers
Shipping goods in smaller packages comes with a variety of benefits, especially for delivery people. Smaller packages are easier to handle and transport. Delivery staff can carry these parcels more comfortably and load them into their vehicles. This leads to improved ergonomics and reduces the risk of injury or overloading for delivery staff. In addition, smaller parcels can be arranged more efficiently in the delivery vehicle's cargo space, resulting in optimized route planning and a faster delivery process.

Lower weight for customers
Smaller parcels also mean lower weight for customers. This is particularly beneficial when delivering products that are purchased regularly, such as groceries or even wine. A lighter weight makes it easier to carry and transport packages from the front door to the home. Customers no longer have to worry about carrying heavy and unwieldy packages, which is a relief especially for the elderly or people with limited mobility. Smaller packages are therefore more customer-friendly and provide a positive experience when receiving the delivery.

Environmentally friendlier shipping
Smaller shipping packages make a significant contribution to environmental friendliness. By reducing the size of the packages, fewer packaging materials are needed, resulting in less waste. In addition, the weight of the packages is reduced, which means less fuel is needed for transportation. This leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions and thus supports climate protection. In addition, smaller packages enable more efficient use of transport space, allowing more packages to be carried in one vehicle. This leads to optimized route planning and a further reduction in environmental impact. By using smaller shipping packages, we can make an active contribution to sustainability and promote a better future for our planet.

The Italian wine depot sets an example
At the Italian Wine Depot (www.gerardo.de), we have made a conscious decision: We basically ship all our wines in small packages. In the past, heavy 18-piece cartons were the order of the day (some of our competitors even still rely on unwieldy 21-piece cartons), which could hardly be carried by one person. That has long been a thing of the past with us. Instead, we consistently rely on shipping multiple, smaller carton sizes, such as 12-count, 9-count, 6-count, 3-count, 2-count, or even 1-count cartons. - Tobias [TS05/23]

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