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Vintage | 2021

The first white wines and rosés of the 2021 vintage have arrived or are on their way to our air-conditioned warehouse. We start with very fresh and light white wines like Cirò Bianco and Lugana, accompanied by fine fruity Rosato and Frizzante.

There are isolated price increases due to higher raw material prices and transport costs. These include glass, capsules, labels, cartons and the costs of shipping companies. In addition, there is the low harvest yield, which is far below average in terms of quantity. We are trying to pass on the price increases only partially to our customers.

The overall quality of the 2021 vintage is extremely promising, with regional differences from Lombardy to Sicily. Winemakers throughout Italy are looking forward to this harvest, as it promises to be far better than anyone had hoped. In some cases, perfect and bouquet-rich grapes could be brought into the cellar, which will yield a more intense and structured wine. - Gerardo [TS01/22]

"Italy: First forecast for the 2021 vintage. Winegrowers show great confidence." - Falstaff

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