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Bordeaux Blend | Classic

Bordeaux Blend | Classic

Bordeaux blend refers to a wine made from different grape varieties, which are actually located in Bordeaux and typically cultivated for its production. These classically include Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, which usually also make up the largest proportion of a Bordeaux blend. Other varieties such as Carbernet Franc, Malbec or Petit Verdot are also frequently used in smaller proportions. The blend ratio is usually 70 - 15 - 15.

But a Bordeaux blend does not necessarily always have to be red: Sémillon, for example, is often found in rather sweet, Sauvignon Blanc in dry white Bordeaux blends. This style of wine is not bound by any regulations in terms of cultivation or production, so that top-class wine-growing regions with Bordeaux-blend style wines have emerged worldwide. The goal of these winemakers is to produce wines that harmonize perfectly in their blend and thus surpass their origin. These wines, created far from the French region, are much more than a copy of the original Bordeaux: quite often a Bordeaux blend simply speaks for itself. Growing regions can be found in Italy, for example, but also outside Europe in Chile, South Africa, Australia or California. - Gerardo

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